Ryzen 1800X vs i7-7700K: Ashes of Singularity optimized for performance testing

performance testing

Of the performance of the new Ryzen processors, the most controversial of the first tests with Ryzen 7 has undoubtedly been the behavior with games. Especially at 1080p, the set of Ryzen 7 processors is somewhat below expectations compared to Intel, which shows that in IPC is still above AMD. With DX12 and Vulkan the difference is cut enough. AMD promised to improve the results with game optimization and Ashes…


ilife V5 Pro and ilife V7S, Chinese vacuum cleaners who want to compete with Roomba

ilife V5 Pro and ilife V7S

The suction robots there is usually no middle ground : either you adore them and they seem to be the best inventions in history or you use them once and leave them dusting in a corner for centuries. I belong to the first group: with two cats that release more hair than they seem to have, allergy to dust and little time for housework, a Roomba that I bought three years ago has…


SuperScreen: This 10-inch, $99 tablet wants to be the second screen of your smartphone


Damn smartphones! Those small diagonals do not allow us to enjoy my contents and applications properly. This is not what I say, but it is probably what the developers of SuperScreen, a 10-inch tablet that is so amazing by what it does as by how it does. And is that the SuperScreen could be considered as a “silly tablet”, one that is destined to become the second screen of your…


Free antivirus and business: This works and makes money the computer security that does not charge

Free antivirus

We all understand the software business model: you pay a license (or a monthly fee) and you have the right to use a program. And we also understand that when a software or online service is free, then it is that the company that has made it earns income otherwise taking advantage of things like our data. Google and Facebook are the kings in this. Does it translate the same…


PC with AMD Ryzen or Intel 7th generation, upgrading Windows 7 / 8.1 gets very difficult


For more than a year, we have known that the new generations of Intel and AMD processors would not get along well with older editions of Windows. If you want to use Windows 7 or Windows 8 / 8.1 with these processors you can do so, but there is no official support for those systems either by Microsoft or by AMD or Intel : all “recommend” using Windows 10 based…


The headphone jack has a lot of war left to give

headphone jack

Fairs like the recent Mobile World Congress often confirm trends or (almost) make them disappear. Last year we saw how virtual reality and 360-degree video covered everything, but this year hardly any references have been seen to that segment, nor have we heard of phones without a headphone jack, a controversial decision that Apple has already taken with The iPhone 7 / Plus but not many will emulate this year….


The large catalog of software developed by NASA is now available to all and free

NASA's software

No one can deny the importance of NASA’s scientific contributions, where thanks to their research and discoveries we have been able to understand a little more where we are and what is around us, among many other achievements for the human race. For some years NASA has changed its policies, since being a publicly-funded agency, much of what they do must also be available to all citizens. And so it…


Microsoft will skip a generation of HoloLens to stay one step ahead of the competition


We took a couple of years knowing HoloLens, not from the point of view of a consumer, but as a product originally designed for developers to learn to take advantage. HoloLens is a very special gadget, something that in principle should have been bigger than it is now, but we already intuit that this was going to be a long way, with many important updates along the way.


Digital certificate, everything you need to know to request and install it in your browser

Digital certificate

The digital certificate offers us the possibility of identifying ourselves, unequivocally, electronically and with full legal validity. There are different types of digital certificates, but the most important for most is the individual certificate. We will see everything you need to know to request and install the digital certificate on your computer. How to apply for your digital certificate: Steps to follow The application for digital certificate of natural person…