A 49-inch curved monster with HDR: That’s what Samsung’s new ‘gaming’ monitors with QLED

The launch of gaming devices far beyond powerful computers with a different aesthetic, keyboards or mice. The monitors also have their specialized area and from Samsung we get their latest bet in this field now: curved monitors QLED with HDR for gaming.

Last year we saw that the curve looks like a sine qua non for Koreans when it comes to a screen for the game, with the CH711incorporating proprietary technology Quantum Dot. This time it is the new CHG90 and CHG70, keeping the commitment sizes 27 and 31.5 inches (CHG70) and incorporating 49 inches (CHG90), while adding the HDR to its QLED technology (a Quantum Dot renamed and updated).

Without reaching the 4K, but the curve that does not lack

49 inch Samsung QLED monitor
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What strikes you at first glance is that aspect ratio of 32:9 especially on the 49-inch monitor, since as we said the curve is already an old known not only on Samsung monitors when it comes to devices For gamers. In fact, this is still 1800R (i.e. with a radius of curvature of 1800 millimeters) and has a viewing angle of 178 degrees.

The resolution is higher than the previous ones, jumping from WQHD (2560 x 1440 pixels) to DFHD or double FullHD, 3840×1080 pixels. But what stands out is the HDR, which is more common in televisions, although we saw it for the first time with ASUS in its ROG Swift PG27UQor later with Acer’s Predator x27 Acer, both 4K.

49 inch Samsung QLED monitor
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CHG70 and CHG90 have in common the 144 hertz refresh rate, with the maximum brightness below (600 nits vs. 1000 x27) and covering 125% of the sRGB color spectrum and 95% of the DCI standard -P3. Another thing to keep in mind when being a monitor for gaming is the response time, which is 1 ms (MPRT).

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As another novelty, the CHG90 and CHG70 are the first monitors from Samsung that include support for AMD Radeon FreeSync 2 technology, without specifying anything about Nvidia G-sync. What they say here is that FreeSync 2 supports a wide spectrum of color and more brightness.

When and how much?

49 inch Samsung QLED monitor
Image Source: Google Image

Since Samsung gets to the HDR field on the gaming monitors with two rivals waiting for you, is the price of CHG70 and CHG90 something they have to fear? So far we know the prices and availability for the United States, starting at $599 for the 27-inch CHG70 and $699 for the 32, and rising to $1499 if we talk about the 49-inch CHG90, going on sale today to get started shipments this summer.

It remains to be seen if he wins this battle of dollars, because neither the ROG PG27UQ nor the Predator x27 know the prices yet, but there is talk about $1200 for the first and about $2000 for the second, so which might be at odds with the CHG90.

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