Alexa lands at Pebble Core to give it new powers of personal assistant

Little more than a week ago Pebble surprised us with the launch of its new generation of watches, where the most attractive was the announcement of a new device named Pebble Core, which makes the company, is betting on a new format and design of devices focusing on a new market.

The Pebble Core was the device most attracted attention because of its interesting features and extensive capabilities, but that was only the beginning, because today the company is announcing a partnership with Amazon to bring your virtual assistant Alexa the Core, the that further enhance its functions.

From music player, to IoT control

For those who do not remember, the Pebble Core is a small device, much like iPod Shuffle, which has 3G, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and supports lists of Spotify, something that makes it the perfect companion for jogging or other activities without carrying a smartphone all the time, because it requires be linked permanently.

The arrival of Alexa enhance their functions because we will have at our disposal a complete virtual assistant, assistant who has been gaining features and compatibility with third party services, being today one of the most useful and powerful market participants, this mostly by the good response from the Amazon Echo.

With Alexa in Pebble Core have at our disposal a wide range of options, where we can ask that puts us songs, artists or lists of Amazon Prime, iHeartRadio or Spotify, which dictate to us the most important headlines of the day in USA Today, The Washington post or the Huffington post, ask for details of our activity in Pebble Health, shop or arm ‘wish lists’ on Amazon, receive traffic updates, control home automation devices such as thermostats, lights, locks, and even order pizzas or to tell us a joke.

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Interestingly Pebble is only announced the addition of Alexa to Core, not their watches, which would make more sense to use a wizard of this type, which for several months has been speculating with support Google Now and Siri, without But we have not had more information.

Almost 10 million financing

Another interesting point is that Pebble has scored another success on Kickstarter, where they are about to reach 10 million financing, but should also be mentioned that unlike the previous two occasions where they broke records financing here we are dealing with three different devices, something that does not detract but has helped the amount of money raised is crazy just a few days of its release.

And eye, that “only” remaining 27 days of the campaign, so surely a new record phone calls if they continue with this pace.

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