Analysis of ranking fluctuation of SEO

Search engine ranking is the most easily to be understood in website promotion, but do not let search engine rankings be the all of your SEO. This is not to despise the people who provide Google rankings; because in the industry of SEO at home, really there are many SEO companies provide only simple Google ranking services. As for a whole website optimization, Google ranking services can only enhance half of the website value.

A good search engine ranking needs to combine the conversion rate of the search engine. Suppose that we finish a lot of seo Services works and get part of rankings of hot keywords, but these rankings still will not get any guarantees. There will still be many factors that you unexpected to affect the ranking of your site. For example:

ranking fluctuation of SEO

1. Performance of the Server:
If your site keeps updating, the spider procedure of search engines will periodically visit it in normal rules to ensure that the spiders can crawl the latest website content and quickly let search engines include it. However, if your site cannot be opened when the spider is crawling your site, then you have to expect it to come next time. Server is also very important to seo Service. You shall keep your network bandwidth smooth enough, and then spiders can access your site at any time. This is also helpful for improving the ranking of keywords of your website.

2. Search engine databases:
It is generally known that search engines have a lot of servers and different databases. Search engines cannot save all the data into a database. This would mean that whether the data you currently visit is the latest data given by search engine processes. Each search results of data will be a little different; therefore, the fluctuation of website ranking is normal. In other words, you visit the database before that ranked well, perhaps you have accessed to the poor ranking database this time. Therefore, the ranking of your site may have some minor fluctuations every day, do not try to change these small ranking fluctuations.

3. Competitors:
The success of SEO promotion depends not just on SEO strategies and SEO works. Sometimes, maybe you are lucky enough to be the only one that can use SEO to improve search engine rankings and website value in your industry, and then the probability of improving the rankings will be great. If you want to know whether the website of top 10 does SEO or not, you need to ask a professional seo Company to analyze the competitors of your website.

4. Changes of algorithm:
Search engine algorithm is a core secret of the search engine company. It is sure that the search engine company will constantly update their search engine algorithm to reach the purpose of search engine optimization algorithm and give users the most relevant and accurate search results. Google has changed the search engine algorithm large and small for no less than 100 times. This is a normal rule in search engine industry.

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