How advances in fintech are helping financial advisors

Technological advances have transformed many industries and the financial sector is no different. The increase in financial technology (Fintech) tools and software has impacted the personal finance arena as well as the wider financial environment. Image Credit Fintech markets and investments According to Accenture, global investment in fintech ventures more than doubled in 2018, exceeding $55billion. This increase was led by a huge increase in the value of deals in…


Boost your website’s organic SEO in these ways

No matter how beautiful your website, if it doesn’t attract visitors then it’s just a waste of money. The better your SEO strategy, the higher up the search engine rankings your site will rise, so follow our tips to boost your website’s online profile with the following ideas. Image Credit Write sparkling and relevant content Content is the Holy Grail of SEO, with search engines rating sites highly for providing…


Why Drupal Beats Other Content Management Systems

There are plenty of content management systems around, but the top three are WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal. Image Credit You may not have heard of Drupal, but you’ve almost certainly visited numerous websites that utilise the platform. According to Website Setup, Drupal’s market share is slightly over 2%, with the software powering around 41 million websites around the world, with an emphasis towards larger websites with multiple pages. So it…


Dos and don’ts of great website design

A well-designed website will help you to promote your brand, sell your products and services, and keep customers loyal; conversely, a bad website can cause your visitors to leave and possibly never return. What tricks do you need to your website designers to employ to ensure you have a website designed with all the things it needs to succeed? Image Credit Website design dos – Do think about the type…


HP Specter x360, a stylized convertible that aspires to conquer us for its portability and interesting autonomy

HP Specter x360

It is not the finest in the market. And not the lightest either. Even so, the figures of this Specter x360 are attractive enough to attract the attention of those users who are looking for a stylized convertible that is not too lazy to wear for a good part of the day, when necessary. And it has a thickness of 1.36 cm in the thinnest end and weighs 1.26 Kg. As you can see, they are very interesting figures…


What is the RCS? The messaging protocol with which Google and the operators want to retire to the SMS


Today we are going to explain what the RCS is, the technology that the operators want to happen to the SMS as a standardized messaging system. It is a modern successor to the classic text messages of a lifetime, but it will offer many of the options that we already have available in other messaging applications over the Internet. Let’s start by explaining exactly what the RCS is and who is behind this…


The story of Creeper, the first computer virus ever programmed


“I am a creeper … catch me if you can!” The year was 1971, and this message began to appear on several ARPANET computers. At that time, nobody had seen anything like it in the computer world, a program that replicated itself and spread from one node to another through the network. The program was called Creeper (creeper), and today is considered the first computer virus in history. It was not a malicious program, and it simply traveled through…


Tablet shopping guide for kids: What to watch and 9 recommended models?

Tablet shopping guide for kids

Giving a tablet to a child, either for his/her birthday, first communion or without celebration in between usually includes a decision phase on which model is the most indicated, what benefits should have, the best platform for your safety as well as maintaining a tight budget. In this shopping guide for tablets for children we comment on the best models we can buy and their characteristics within different price ranges…


Intel delays for the umpteenth time the arrival of its 10-nanometer CPUs, Whiskey Lake will repeat in 14 nm

Intel Whiskey Lake

Intel resists Moore’s law. The company worked like a clock with that unstoppable Tick-Tock cycle that assured us lithographic jumps every two years, but those were other times. We have been using Intel 14-nanometer processors for four years, and it will be at least another year until we see the first CPUs manufactured with a 10- nanometer process. Brian Krzanich explained the difficulties of a jump that is still resisting and that returns to make the image of this giant…