This smartwatch gets its energy from body heat, and ensures that we never need to charge it


Undoubtedly one of the greatest problems of electronic devices, especially smartwatches, is autonomy, since no one wants to be charging your watch every night. It is a task that we have become accustomed to smartphones but we do not want to happen with the clocks, of course, this considering that the clock reaches the end of the day, but this is further complicated. With this in mind is how the…


The virtual reality without cables is already possible in the HTC Live, but it will not be cheap


One of the major drawbacks of most virtual reality solutions is that physical connection that virtual reality glasses should have with the computer or console that provides the content. The HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift or the recent PS VR force we are wired, and that makes the experience a little uncomfortable. A team of developers and engineers has devised a way to solve the problem in HTC Vive, for…


Creative Sound BlasterX H7, no need to pay a lot to have good gaming headphone


In the Gamescom last year, Creative announced its latest range of headphones gaming and the Sound Blaster X H7 became an object of desire for many of us. To the writer of these lines, I used to use a HyperX, your test in recent weeks has discovered the reason for such anticipation. Comfort by flag and quality and possibilities explode under use in PC, the Creative Sound BlasterX H7 are…


Xiaomi assaults the camera market with serious bet: Mirrorless, 4K, and knockdown price

xiaomi camera

At this point in the film I would not say that Xiaomi is a company known for their phones, since their expansion all electronic pileup has no limits, and the next territory that wants to conquer is that of the cameras. Some historical brands will be thinking that has been a bad neighbor to the neighborhood. The debut is done with its company YI – Young Innovators – the same…


Fitbit Flex 2 and Fitbit Charge 2 Touchdown, will be handsome enough


The most successful quantifiers Fitbit were called to renewal at IFA. Flex 2 as the successor to the most basic brand bracelet, and Charge 2 as advanced for those who enjoy playing sports quantifier. They are called to keep the manufacturer on the throne of wearable technology, which has maintained for years with no little competition. It will be enough? To answer that question we have tested the new brand…


iBackPack wants to transform into a walking WiFi and even a power supply


We have seen repeatedly that backpacks are no longer the child object we used only to carry things, because it can now be all a technological device loaded with features that provide added value to our daily tasks, all in search of desired productivity. Today we will know the case of a funding campaign through Indiegogo, which seeks to bring to market an advanced backpack, equipped with everything you need…


Parrot Disco: How come fly with a drone made of Styrofoam?

Parrot Disco

Earlier this year, Parrot surprised with the announcement of Parrot Disco, a drone that drew attention especially to present a design different from the quadcopters. Just over half a year later he presented it again confirming design and features, but besides this there was also demonstration, and we could try for a while. From Parrot, they emphasized their intention to achieve an easy product to use for all users regardless…


Amazon prepares its own Spotify half price and exclusive devices Echo

Amazon Echo

Amazon remains committed to further improving their smart Echo speakers. During this year, we have told how they were preparing a mini version to make it even more portable and functionality for your IA Alexa is able to read us books we buy for Kindle, and now it seems that looking into a competitor within the streaming industry musical. As sources have told the music industry to recode, Amazon is…


Headphones Panasonic RP-BTS50, betting on a different fastening system, but SUV

Panasonic RP BTS50 Headphone

Although sometimes it may seem that in the world of audio is all invented in the world of sports headphones there is long way to go. The conditions of use vary considerably to be moving and sweating, so we need a headset that not they move, that are comfortable, that isolate properly the external sound but does not jeopardize our security and affording the best possible sound quality, among other…