SuperScreen: This 10-inch, $99 tablet wants to be the second screen of your smartphone


Damn smartphones! Those small diagonals do not allow us to enjoy my contents and applications properly. This is not what I say, but it is probably what the developers of SuperScreen, a 10-inch tablet that is so amazing by what it does as by how it does. And is that the SuperScreen could be considered as a “silly tablet”, one that is destined to become the second screen of your…


Microsoft will skip a generation of HoloLens to stay one step ahead of the competition


We took a couple of years knowing HoloLens, not from the point of view of a consumer, but as a product originally designed for developers to learn to take advantage. HoloLens is a very special gadget, something that in principle should have been bigger than it is now, but we already intuit that this was going to be a long way, with many important updates along the way.


Logitech Brio First 4K and HDR Webcam

Logitech Brio

Okay, then the receiver has the system to be able to see it in the best conditions, but that Logitech continues to raise the level of the webcams is a good thing, since they will all follow the steps. Someone will wonder what you want a webcam with so much quality, or so exquisite in its specifications, because of pure evolution. If the screens improve in resolution and color representation,…


Why has not there been a sneak peek from the eBook to the paper book?

Thanks to Ray Bradbury, we discovered that the role of books burns at 451 degrees Fahrenheit. But it does not seem likely that today’s society will need a Montag that burns paper books for lack of use. According to the latest Survey of cultural habits and practices, which collects data from the period 2014-2015, 59% of the people reading population uses the paper format, while only 17.7% reads in digital….


The Intel NUCs catch up to become the ultimate mini-computer: Intel Optane, Kaby Lake and Thunderbolt 3

Intel NUC

They do not attract attention in the media as laptops “pro” or “all-in-one” design, but small teams of Intel are renewed every year, presenting a lot of technology in a minimum format. In this CES 2017, we are meeting new NUC that, as expected, premiered processors Kaby Lake of the house. The design has also been revamped to accommodate this seventh generation of Intel processors, can play with the new…


Sony MDR 1000X, The Perfect Wireless Headphones

Sony MDR 1000X

When I was a kid, one of my hobbies was collecting shells and conch shells that I was finding on the beach. Cheaper than the marbles, the common habit was you bringing them to the ear. Surely you know that popular myth that you can hear the sound of the sea, when it comes to a simple amplification of environmental noise, our heartbeats, breathing, and so on. The conch is…


The history of the Nikon camera that has been sold in auction for more than 400,000 dollars


Collecting has no limits when it comes to paying for a piece that is part of the history of an iconic brand. Nikon, which is now one of the greatest exponents in photography, has a resume of almost a century and proof of this is the Nikon One, a camera that was sold for $406,000 at auction. What history has this piece to reach such sales value? The auction was…


The Inspire 2 and Phantom 4 Pro from DJI want to fly very high


DJI has long been an absolute benchmark in the segment drones, and today has introduced two new models that will certainly cover the expectations of the most demanding users. The DJI Inspire 2 is aimed at creators of high-quality video, while the DJI Phantom 4 Pro wants to win users with fewer needs but with a special creative ambition. The two models incorporate notable improvements over their predecessors, but that…


This smartwatch gets its energy from body heat, and ensures that we never need to charge it


Undoubtedly one of the greatest problems of electronic devices, especially smartwatches, is autonomy, since no one wants to be charging your watch every night. It is a task that we have become accustomed to smartphones but we do not want to happen with the clocks, of course, this considering that the clock reaches the end of the day, but this is further complicated. With this in mind is how the…


The virtual reality without cables is already possible in the HTC Live, but it will not be cheap


One of the major drawbacks of most virtual reality solutions is that physical connection that virtual reality glasses should have with the computer or console that provides the content. The HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift or the recent PS VR force we are wired, and that makes the experience a little uncomfortable. A team of developers and engineers has devised a way to solve the problem in HTC Vive, for…