This is the Bluetooth cap with which Samsung wants to revolutionize the Paralympic swimming

Samsung blind cap

Once end up Rio Olympics in September will take over the XV Paralympic Games. In tests such as swimming, being blind swimmers have no references to find out when they reach the end of their lane and should turn around, so that coaches often give small blows to the head and back with a stick with a hard sponge to indicate it. To avoid having to use so rudimentary techniques…


Fitbit leads the sale of wearables in the second quarter, Xiaomi pursues its affordable bracelets


The market for wearables makes more noise on the news that sales, and see that there are important companies stuck in the business. The reality is that is growing and leaders are being defined , but has not yet made any bomb, nothing to do with the takeoff of mobile phones with iPhone and Android, as some predicted. We will have patience and let us know how the issue is,…


The new line of educational robots, which SPC teaches us to schedule

educational robots

For quite a while we see how they have begun to rise more and more projects in the wake of BQ and Zowi robot or LEGO Mindstorms among others, aimed at phasing in robotics engineering education, intended to cover a need for future as learning programming. Thanks to the alliance SPC-Makeblock and new mbot we have a new business proposal in Spain, looking back to the LOGO language of 60…


LG launches its Action Camera LTE, the newest member of the LG family Friends

Action Camera LTE

Last May LG presented its LG Action Camera LTE. It was an action camera and powerful submersible, with which sought to come into force in the sector thanks to a LTE connectivity that would allow us to broadcast live with it using platforms like YouTube Live. Today, two months of being filed, the new family member LG Friends has finally come out for sale in South Korea, with the promise…


BLOCKS is ready to be the first modular clock, shows us its final appearance

BLOCKS claims to be the first intelligent, modular clock that will hit the market before Google believes phones with these features, and before any large company has taken to think about this possibility. He will get through a successful Kickstarter campaign, with more than 1.6 million raised, something that not many can say in the world crowdfunding. I teach everything that was known about him late last year, but the…


Alexa lands at Pebble Core to give it new powers of personal assistant

Little more than a week ago Pebble surprised us with the launch of its new generation of watches, where the most attractive was the announcement of a new device named Pebble Core, which makes the company, is betting on a new format and design of devices focusing on a new market. The Pebble Core was the device most attracted attention because of its interesting features and extensive capabilities, but that…


Hololens opens, Microsoft speaks of the future with it’s mixed reality


In Microsoft they have followed a different manufacturer like HTC Oculus or road, and against those pure virtual reality devices in Microsoft seemed focused on a pure solution also augmented reality with its Hololens. That philosophy changed significantly following the announcement today at Computex. Terry Myerson there has announced that the Windows platform will not be alone holographic centered Hololens: any developer or manufacturer must have the tools to implement…


This amazing system based on an EEG and a mobile can translate thought into speech


A California company called Smartstones has created a device that allows people with speech difficulties to express themselves by reading brain waves that are interpreted and transformed into sentences through a mobile application. The system combines a striking EEG Emotiv device and application: prose, with which patients of diseases such as ALS, autism or cerebral palsy, among others, may have to reach a form of expression that will enable communication…


Intel wants your next helmets are connected via a USB-C


We shouted fiercely when we learned that Apple was considering saying goodbye to the traditional mini jack for connecting headphones. That little slot 3.5 mm, the rumors said, was to be abandoned in the future iPhone 7 in favor of the Lightning connector. That announcement again makes plantations us that times change and technology makes them. And maybe the 3.5mm effectively have their days numbered, because Apple’s intentions have now…