Hololens opens, Microsoft speaks of the future with it’s mixed reality


In Microsoft they have followed a different manufacturer like HTC Oculus or road, and against those pure virtual reality devices in Microsoft seemed focused on a pure solution also augmented reality with its Hololens. That philosophy changed significantly following the announcement today at Computex. Terry Myerson there has announced that the Windows platform will not be alone holographic centered Hololens: any developer or manufacturer must have the tools to implement…


This amazing system based on an EEG and a mobile can translate thought into speech


A California company called Smartstones has created a device that allows people with speech difficulties to express themselves by reading brain waves that are interpreted and transformed into sentences through a mobile application. The system combines a striking EEG Emotiv device and application: prose, with which patients of diseases such as ALS, autism or cerebral palsy, among others, may have to reach a form of expression that will enable communication…


Intel wants your next helmets are connected via a USB-C


We shouted fiercely when we learned that Apple was considering saying goodbye to the traditional mini jack for connecting headphones. That little slot 3.5 mm, the rumors said, was to be abandoned in the future iPhone 7 in favor of the Lightning connector. That announcement again makes plantations us that times change and technology makes them. And maybe the 3.5mm effectively have their days numbered, because Apple’s intentions have now…


So some authors cheat the system “pay per read page” Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited, unmetered service electronic books that Amazon introduced in 2014, has a rather “peculiar” way of remunerating authors of novels offered through it: pay for page read. As does Spotify, it establishes a “pot” every month, which is then distributed proportionally among the authors who have accumulated more pages read. So far so normal, but how Amazon accounted pages read? That’s where the problem seems to be is that,…


Bamboo Spark, tried a simple digital notebook to use but only suitable for the role faithful

Bamboo Spark

How to digitize and capture ideas, it has evolved in recent years exponential. Wacom has been one of those responsible with numerous products for both the consumer and professional market. However in its catalog and we find a different product that can fit into who does not want to abandon the role of everything but not give to have your notes and drawings in digital format instantly. Notebook Bamboo Spark is the combination of paper and pen 100% analog…


This is the first affordable camera that promises to broadcast live video in 360 degrees

Live video in 360 degrees

Right now we are living the explosion of two highly popular currents and bring us a significant degree of innovation to the world of technology: on the one hand we have the virtual reality with devices like the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Playstation VR, all available from commercially this year; but we also have the live-streaming, which has taken control of mobile platforms with examples such as Periscope, Facebook Live, and if the rumors are true, YouTube Connect.


ZTE ProM Plus, a curious hybrid but improvable 

ZTE ProM Plus

You may ZTE usually we relate to the manufacture and sale of smartphones, but actually we saw consumer electronics products beyond them with projectors, namely small and brand categorized as smart. After the ZTE SpPro 2 introduced last year, now the company intends to go one-step further on the concept of projectors featuring the ZTE ProM Plus. Another manufacturer that adds to the fashion of adding the name “plus” in…