What are teraflops and what exactly do they measure?


Sony and Microsoft are on the accelerator of the game consoles, and in this frantic battle to see who gets the most powerful there is a term that keeps repeating itself: the Teraflops. In fact, we could almost say that it has become a kind of new standard to measure the performance of consoles. That is why today we are going to try to explain to you what FLOPS are…


Ryzen 1800X vs i7-7700K: Ashes of Singularity optimized for performance testing

performance testing

Of the performance of the new Ryzen processors, the most controversial of the first tests with Ryzen 7 has undoubtedly been the behavior with games. Especially at 1080p, the set of Ryzen 7 processors is somewhat below expectations compared to Intel, which shows that in IPC is still above AMD. With DX12 and Vulkan the difference is cut enough. AMD promised to improve the results with game optimization and Ashes…


PC with AMD Ryzen or Intel 7th generation, upgrading Windows 7 / 8.1 gets very difficult


For more than a year, we have known that the new generations of Intel and AMD processors would not get along well with older editions of Windows. If you want to use Windows 7 or Windows 8 / 8.1 with these processors you can do so, but there is no official support for those systems either by Microsoft or by AMD or Intel : all “recommend” using Windows 10 based…


How to prevent the hard disk from crashing and losing information

hard disk from crashing

Although cloud storage systems are gaining ground as a place where we store part of our digital life, local storage continues to dominate, whether in internal / external hard disk format or USB / SSD memory. Except catastrophe, one is confident that the useful life of our hard disks is high enough to be unconcerned. But in reality, for one reason or another it is not so. That an internal…


Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh: Apple’s ugly duckling has no place in its exquisite design book


Apple’s latest design book has not gone unnoticed, they have decided to collect in it twenty years of work with more than 450 exquisite photographs, as much as its price. The work begins with the original iMac, which is the first product to be launched with the supervision of a Steve Jobs reintegrated in the Californian Company, and it arrives until today, picking up an accessory like Apple Pencil. Being…


The upcoming MacBook Pro will let us take 32GB of RAM and Intel’s Kaby Lake processors


It sounds like little after a CES 2017 has been packed with gaming laptops, where there was room for monster configurations, also quite balanced. The common denominator in the industry is to move to the seventh generation of Intel processors, and the new MacBook Pro should not be left out of the game. We are not going to discover anything with Apple, the Californian company has always been characterized by…


ZIP disks of iOmega, the vitamin diskettes that could store up to 750 MB and that failed

ZIP disks of iOmega

As far as non-standard proprietary formats are concerned, iOmega Zip disks, which appeared in the mid-1990s, came much further than most of their competitors. They managed to improve a format to which the public was accustomed (the diskettes of the whole life), just to gain notoriety. Years before pendrives were generalized as a removable medium, these remodeled floppy served perfectly to people who needed to share large amounts of data….


Laptops to play at a decent price? Nvidia GTX 1050 has the key and Dell lays the foundation stone

Laptops to play

There are teams specially designed to play, with space for the latest in graphics cards, and unfortunately for many, exaggerated and colorful designs. For them it is necessary to pay a pasture and to be clear that the priority is not in the weight or the autonomy, for that reason it is well to verify that they appear intermediate options that can satisfy much of the hearing. Dell already has…


Laptops that weigh less than a kilo and last for 24 hours? Check out the new LG Gram

LG Gram

We do not pay the necessary attention to what makes LG with their laptops, possibly either because of their limited availability worldwide, but that does not mean they are no longer technologically wonderful and we want to teach here a little more about them. The Gram LG renew with better specifications and design, we took the opportunity to put you the long teeth. First of all we have to place…