Intel ME, the disturbing CPU that controls our processors without our knowledge

For years Intel incorporates technologies that theoretically help system administrators and businesses to control the hardware they manage, but one of these subsystems is especially disturbing. This is Intel Management Engine (ME), a disturbing CPU that resides in each of the processors that the manufacturer has developed in recent times. Why is disturbing? Well, for the simple reason that just details about the chip that has known almost unlimited powers…


A Netflix’s interest to have the best chips in the market on your laptop

If there is, something we share users is our love for the multimedia content. Whether at home or work, applications, video streaming are candy too juicy to ignore. We have taken over the account, but that convenience to continue seeing our favorite series right where we left off, catching the laptop lying on the bed, put on our helmets and off the second season of Daredevil, that’s something that we…


Phones and virtual reality will find themselves on the road and ARM wants to be the common brain: Cortex-A73


The virtual reality is here to stay, and there is a key player in the electronics industry that is not directing its activities to serve solutions. It is a reality that the mobile world has much to say in this, since much of the devices that we use used as a phone brain and screen. Who is the chief designer of mobile processors? It is ARM and also wants to…


Laptops – This is how they have managed to be increasingly fine time without losing the best innovations

History of Laptops

If we think of a laptop will surely come to mind a model small processor, screen, and keyboard. Although we imagined before one -piece, now also we conceive with detachable screen. In any case, we speak of a machine capable of running on batteries, without being permanently connected to the mains, with less than 2.5 kilos. A young 30 years Yet it discussed what the first notebook was. The first…