How HP looks for its future in 3D printing?

HP 3D Printing

According to the report “2015 Digital Manufacturing”, prepared by the Online Business School, the business generated by industries related to printing and 3D is priced at 188.15 million dollars in 2015, a figure that could rise to 26% for closing this year 2016. A significant figure if we consider that in 2013 only grew by 10%, although the estimate is to reach 30% annual growth until at least 2020. 3D…


ASUS follows the footsteps of Samsung and prepares a Chromebook level: Touch and convertible

Asus Chromebook

The phenomenon of Chromebooks is at least curious, many markets and the slashing, but is a reality that the big brands are in it and is among the priorities of Google, or at least preparing the ground for that they call Andromeda. Last week we discovered a Samsung model with the latest technology, now it’s the turn of ASUS. ASUS was the first to launch a Chromebook in convertible format,…


Qualcomm Snapdragon X50: 5G with the first modem supporting speeds up to 5 Gbps


Undoubtedly, one of the most important today for the 4G / 5G Summit Qualcomm announcements was the launch of the first modem specifically created to support the new 5G networks. The modem is known as Snapdragon X50 and is the first commercial solution that can be incorporated into future smartphones on the market. This modem will be the first of its kind, will allow both manufacturers and operators to test…


Slimbook Katana, an Ultrabook with Linux


The Linux users do not usually enjoy too many options when searching equipment with any of its preferred distributions pre-installed. Few manufacturers pay attention to this area, but we had the opportunity to have the latest Slimbook, a company that focuses on this type of proposal a while. The new Slimbook Katana is an Ultrabook that has good hardware specifications, noted for being designed in our country, and be available in both Windows and Linux. We have…


Nvidia is preparing to storm the market for affordable graphics: GeForce 1050 GTX


We’ve hit a pretty summer loaded with Nvidia, either with its graphics cards for computers, along with those that come already integrated into laptops, too small computers, even backpacks. Across the ring we have an AMD cards with Polaris betting for hurting with lower prices and good specifications, so, Nvidia has to continue expanding its family of graphics at all levels. What we hope for October is a new graphics…


This portable ASUS is a monster 18-inch 4K resolution and two Nvidia GTX graphics 1080


Some already have commented to me, it was very rare that the all – powerful ASUS – Worldwide gaming – has not brought innovations to the Gamescom 2016. For here, it is the best example of an entire portable artillery maintaining a common denominator with the competition: graphics Nvidia GTX 10, as Lenovo, HP, or MSI. The first model that we are going to teach is the ROG GX800, a…


Do you know how to choose the best processor for your tablet?

Choose the best processor

When we buy a computer, the CPU and the graphics are two components that we tend to pay special attention. Of them, it depends largely on computer performance and quality of the user experience the same and applications. Even in smartphones we show interest in the leading processor, but the tablets, it is unusual that we choose one model or another using as a criterion the processor. It may seem…


Device as a Service, equilaterals your smartphone or your laptop instead of buying?

Until recently when one wanted to enjoy a computer, a smartphone or tablet had only one alternative: I buy it and then use it as long as possible and that the investment by the proper use of equipment will be depreciated. That could change in the coming years because more and more manufacturers are transforming the traditional model to offer an option that may be attractive to certain types of…