BQ Aquaris U2 and U2 Lite: Basic input range with 3100 mAh and Quick Charge 3.0

Just one year after the presentation of the first range of Aquaris U, BQ announced today the arrival of its successors. This is the new Aquaris U2 and U2 Lite, two devices with which the company takes a new step in its idea of ​​offering devices as affordable as possible. These are two almost identical models, in which the only thing that changes is the processor and the camera between the main one and its…


Moto Z2 Play: Motorola’s premium mid-range improves on almost everything, less on autonomy

Moto Z2 Play

Motorola’s mid-range increased with the Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus earlier this year, but the company still has more bullets in the room and just shot one that has been talked about for some time. This is the Moto Z2 Play, the successor to the supergamamedia we met last year at IFA and this year comes sooner. As we saw last year, the Z Play series is responsible for bringing the concept of Moto Mods to the intermediate segment of…


The headphone jack has a lot of war left to give

headphone jack

Fairs like the recent Mobile World Congress often confirm trends or (almost) make them disappear. Last year we saw how virtual reality and 360-degree video covered everything, but this year hardly any references have been seen to that segment, nor have we heard of phones without a headphone jack, a controversial decision that Apple has already taken with The iPhone 7 / Plus but not many will emulate this year….


The Galaxy Note 7 crisis has led Apple to advance Samsung in sales

Apple vs Samsung

This comparison of units sold in periods is always interesting, but complicated, since there are firms like Apple that tell us the number of phones that have sold in the quarter, and others like Samsung, you have to play with the data that analysts handle And market research. If we listen to Strategy Analytics, Apple has won this game. The boys from Cupertino would have sold 800000 phones over the…


The next revolution of your smartphone is not the camera it is the screen

smartphone screen

The arguments to sell us “the next great smartphone” have been many and varied. The manufacturers have conquered us with their promises on smartphones with bigger diagonals, better cameras (dual or not), water resistances, fast and wireless loads, with spectacular and ultra-thin designs and, of course, with more powerful and versatile mobiles. Every year, this new revolution usually appears, which offers us the perfect excuse to change your mobile, and…


ASUS Zenfone 3 Zoom and Zenfone VR, mobile cameras become protagonists

ASUS Zenfone

ASUS wants its smartphones to become important in an otherwise competitive market, and even saturated will say some, where the options are reduced and it becomes necessary the much-mentioned innovation. ASUS seems to be clear, and this time has presented the renovation of its Zenfone range, where the most important feature are the cameras. Yes, in the plural. ASUS today introduced the new Zenfone 3 Zoom and Zenfone VR, both…


HTC 10 Evo is a HTC Bolt for the rest of the world – metallic, resistant, without connector jack for headphones


When HTC Evo 10 we were expecting, so many would be familiar, it is the same phone known as HTC Bolt, which was originally designed for the US market. The new terminal is its international version, which will be sold in some parts of the old continent, among which we will find the territory. While we are better informed about their actual availability, we can get to know better what…


Google wants to be more like Apple, and that is dangerous


The launch of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL marks a new era in the Mountain View company: one that Google becomes a company that is much closer to Apple when launching products and not only controls software but also hardware. That, of course, is dangerous, especially because if Google has achieved that success with Android has been offering it to any manufacturer. The hardware bet is not particularly differential,…