Google wants to be more like Apple, and that is dangerous


The launch of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL marks a new era in the Mountain View company: one that Google becomes a company that is much closer to Apple when launching products and not only controls software but also hardware. That, of course, is dangerous, especially because if Google has achieved that success with Android has been offering it to any manufacturer. The hardware bet is not particularly differential,…


Is it possible a completely open smartphone? Purism and want to find out Librem Phone


While a small company called Purism strives to provide users with alternatives in which there is no hardware or software component that is not fully open. The Free 11 Purism was one of the last examples in this segment, but now they want to go beyond the notebook. The project Librem Phone this firm wants to develop a completely free smartphone that aims to be ” a phone with free…


How many actual loads have a mobile

Mobile loads

The battery is one of the great mysteries of a smartphone. Just only we know her capacity measured in milliamp hours or WHr, and technology generally Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) and Lithium Polymer (Li-Poly). However, beyond these parameters, we can say little more than a battery. Data such as real autonomy with mobile running, or the lifetime of the battery measured in cycles of loading and unloading, are an inexact science,…


Sony Xperia X after a month of use: A “not so small” with a fast fingerprint reader

Sony Xperia X

While the questions hover over the path of the mobile division of Sony, we have continued squeezing one of the terminals that make up its new line: the Xperia X. We are referring this time to Xperia X, one of the three who inaugurated the new family one morning the MWC in its stand and had an opportunity to discuss and just before putting them on sale. A terminal may…


The next phones Microsoft will be high and innovative range, point to the business sector

I do not say, she says Kevin Gallo is a vice president of the company, responsible for the development of the platform. It is more or less what has been counting on an event BUILD that took place in London: we can mainly summarize their next phone will go to the company. It is the priority of the company now, we understand that in a global market practically dominated by…


Samsung will step on the accelerator with the production of OLED screens, preparing for the iPhone?

We ended last week talking big mobile manufacturers that are going to bet on the panels OLED for best mobile phones: names like Huawei and Xiaomi are among the information, with LG Display as the main supplier. Across sidewalk, we have a Korean Samsung dominating this scenario, factories and preparing for what is to come. What it tells us Nikkei is that Koreans will spend 6,800 million dollars in improving…


ZTE Axon 7, trembles to high-end

ZTE Axon 7

ZTE has now been many years trying to enter through the front door of the mobile phone. So far their attempts have been somewhat unsuccessful, at least in our country, but like Huawei, which already has a reserved place among the top, ZTE is doing very well. If we talk about many phones as OnePlus, Motorola Xiaomi or when we want good specs at prices adjusted now have us ZTE…


Is it still Moto G terminal reference for those looking for something free, good and cheap?

Moto G

The Moto G was the smartphone that redefined the mid-range. In 2013 we discovered one of the most successful terminals Motorola, which eventually became clear recommendation for people looking device guarantees without having to make a large investment. Tomorrow comes the fourth generation of Moto G and will cover the launch live, but waiting for what we can offer this terminal is good to look back at what has been…


Huawei Q9, it is ready to compete in the league of the best smartphones

Huawei Q9

After the spectacular 2015 to first place in sales in China and the third worldwide in the first quarter of 2016 with a rise of almost 60% in sales in this period, Huawei looks set to climb further level in this 2016. The main argument of the Chinese company called Huawei P9, which includes many of the strategies that have enabled the company to achieve leadership in their home country…