Huawei P9, these are their strongest rivals

Huawei P9

Huawei was already determined to get to play with the biggest in Android when it launched its P8 model, terminal and gave us clues on how far aspired to reach the Asian brand. With the recent Huawei P9 confirms expectations and placed on the market a powerful, attractive terminal and, with the pricing policy in the medium term, it will be one of the models most successful smartphone, just as happened last year with…


A Apple go from 16 to 64 GB on the iPhone costs $10, but you paid $100

iPhone 16 to 64 GB

The launch of the iPhone has generated quite a lot of headlines and debates, but if anything is clear is that there are several reasons why this new device Apple could succeed. The price is definitely the highlight, but there is a big problem with the strategy that follows this signature when offering its different variants. In fact, there is a constant which we discussed in the past: Apple offers a base model with 16 GB for $ 399 and…


Vivo Xplay 5 is the first phone with 6GB of RAM

Vivo Xplay 5

More or less known, Vivo is one of those Chinese companies that are growing significantly in Asia, mainly for having quite striking hardware devices, we would say that next generation. Once you have presented models, quite ahead of their time, as with the protagonist of our story, the Vivo Xplay 5. The company bears some relation to Oppo and OnePlus, but we will not go deeper into the matter, the most interesting is to know that…