How to know which third-party apps have access to your Facebook information and how to limit it


One of the things that has revealed the Cambridge Analytica scandal is how we give up our personal data without noticing in social networks. It only took a seemingly innocent personality test for hundreds of thousands of people accept to surrender their personal data without knowing it, which allowed the company to harvest information from 50 million US citizens.


How is LinkedIn perfect if you are looking for job?


If we ask someone we define LinkedIn, probably you say something like “LinkedIn is the social network to find work.” And although this statement is correct, many users just pass the surface of LinkedIn, and fail to discover the potential offered by this community as a tool to find work. We have already taken a number of tricks to highlight LinkedIn, but today we touch this issue by reviewing which…


SEO goes social

Marketing were going for some social time now, this is not an experience now is the reality. The amount of money to companies and brands to invest in the network marketing company is expected to grow further in 2010, and quickly became a widely discussed topic in the google seo world. Only a small portion of this expense is to get into paid advertising in social networks, such as banners,…