What is the RCS? The messaging protocol with which Google and the operators want to retire to the SMS


Today we are going to explain what the RCS is, the technology that the operators want to happen to the SMS as a standardized messaging system. It is a modern successor to the classic text messages of a lifetime, but it will offer many of the options that we already have available in other messaging applications over the Internet. Let’s start by explaining exactly what the RCS is and who is behind this…


These are the 12 editions of Windows 10 and their differences

Windows 10

Microsoft introduced Windows 10 Pro for Workstation, yesterday the latest variant of its operating system, something that extends a family that theoretically was going to have fewer members than the old editions of Windows. It has not been like that, and this development has produced more editions than anyone could have imagined. Currently we have up to 12 different editions of Windows 10, so it is worth reviewing them all to find out…


Should Adobe Flash become Open Source? Three reasons in favor and three against

Adobe Flash

The announcement of the disappearance of Adobe Flash in 2020 had to come sooner or later, but there are those who want to give this technology a second chance. In fact, the idea is to give the project to the Open Source community so that from now on independent developers will be in charge of ensuring that Flash can continue to exist. Does something like that make sense? The truth is that ** there are good arguments both…


Free antivirus and business: This works and makes money the computer security that does not charge

Free antivirus

We all understand the software business model: you pay a license (or a monthly fee) and you have the right to use a program. And we also understand that when a software or online service is free, then it is that the company that has made it earns income otherwise taking advantage of things like our data. Google and Facebook are the kings in this. Does it translate the same…


The large catalog of software developed by NASA is now available to all and free

NASA's software

No one can deny the importance of NASA’s scientific contributions, where thanks to their research and discoveries we have been able to understand a little more where we are and what is around us, among many other achievements for the human race. For some years NASA has changed its policies, since being a publicly-funded agency, much of what they do must also be available to all citizens. And so it…


Why the file system on your Android phone is more important than you think?

Android phone

Imagine that we compare Google Pixel with Lenovo Moto Z: they are two phone calls, that’s no doubt, and each has its distinct advantages: Google Assistant and the camera are strengths of the Pixel, while Moto Z has that Interesting ability to expand their options with Moto Mods. Oh, we forgot something: the Moto Z gives kicks to Pixel in your file system. File system? What is that file system?…


The 17 new features of Android 7.1 Nougat


Nougat Android 7.1 is here besides coming from the factory in the new Pixel, the Nexus 5X Nexus Pixel 6P and C can also download for a few hours to enjoy a previous version and the new features of this new version of Android. Android 7.1 is the first quarterly update of Nougat, but is not a simple upgrade maintenance, as are many new products that we will find, some…


Deals smartphones can enjoy virtual reality through Microsoft FlashBack

Virtual reality is now on everyone’s lips. Virtually all manufacturers want to have their piece of a pie that can still grow a lot and, despite being still poorly cooked, and begin to awaken a tremendous anticipation. The biggest problem now is that the VR hard requires a hardware too powerful and smooth does not go much beyond 360 videos. Now Microsoft wants to continue adding attractive to Windows 10,…


Netflix was serious blocking the proxies and VPN is increasingly difficult skip


Last January, and shortly after confirm their arrival to all countries (except China and those US embargo, of course), Netflix made a statement of intent: the service video on demand announcing detection Enhanced proxies and VPN, with the intention to cut off access to users who use such systems to skip the geographical blockade. At that time did not give many details on the technology to use and how efficient…


CloudReady a Chromium OS born to revive your old computer


Have you ever thought how great it would turn your old computer into a Chromebook? Think about it, most manufacturers who choose to do with Chrome OS computers with a specification rather outdated little they could do with a complete operating system, but work great with that of Google. Would not it then possible to give a second life to your old companion use it? NeverWare is a company that is willing to make this possible…