Digital certificate, everything you need to know to request and install it in your browser

Digital certificate

The digital certificate offers us the possibility of identifying ourselves, unequivocally, electronically and with full legal validity. There are different types of digital certificates, but the most important for most is the individual certificate. We will see everything you need to know to request and install the digital certificate on your computer. How to apply for your digital certificate: Steps to follow The application for digital certificate of natural person…


Predictive systems: When your boss becomes an algorithm?


In recent years, we are experiencing an explosion of applications and services that revolve around big data and predictive systems. We are surrounded by systems that, based on algorithms, are able to process large volumes of information, learn and operate autonomously to the point of making predictions or directly tell us what we need to do to certain situation. If we think about simple things, our car we already indicates…


The new line of educational robots, which SPC teaches us to schedule

educational robots

For quite a while we see how they have begun to rise more and more projects in the wake of BQ and Zowi robot or LEGO Mindstorms among others, aimed at phasing in robotics engineering education, intended to cover a need for future as learning programming. Thanks to the alliance SPC-Makeblock and new mbot we have a new business proposal in Spain, looking back to the LOGO language of 60…


What programming language or tools should be taught to children by age?

Programming language

Until recently it was customary that the programming was restricted to field more professional sector, but this has changed. Initiatives like have come to change the landscape. For here we have gone on more than one occasion the importance of programming. What programming languages or tools should be taught to children according to their age? The approach we will treat according to age ranges, corresponding to different stages of…


Claude Shannon’s story: The man who created the information

Claude Shannons

A few people owe as much as Claude Shannon. With 21 years he laid the foundation for electronic circuit design (with Boolean algebra works), with only 32 he created the theory of information and later developed some of the first artificial intelligences. Today marks one hundred years of his birth and did not want to miss the appointment with the person who taught us to think seriously about information technology.