BQ presents the first mobile navigation Galileo, how is the mission now?

It’s been years since we are familiar with the acronym GPS, which make us think that either know for sure where we are or where we go. However, nor is it the only location system current and apparently will be the most accurate, because Galileo is to be above it and GLONASS. Although still it has to see it active, and the manufacturers are taking into account when launching their…


Can Microsoft still win on mobile?


The future of smartphones based on Windows 10 and Windows Phone is a rather obscurity colored. We talk about their hardware division, which has been providing news like last week in which layoffs predicted a road different from what many had wished for such devices route. For some Microsoft is retiring to time a part of the business that fails to move forward, but obviously wish that Microsoft would not…


This backpack claims to be the safest in the world, thanks to its cut-proof material


No matter our daily activities, all ever we needed a rucksack, either to take things from school items for work, such as a laptop, tablet, accessories, books, finally, our backpack can return best of our allies, and for this reason it is important to never lose sight. Backpacks are thousands of prices, materials and sizes, but thanks to the ingenuity and creativity of some people and companies, we have seen…


The technological race in the car to keep the driver awake and focused

Auto technology

We all know that technological advances are often born with the aim of improving the lives of people and their environment, thanks to this technology has a versatility that few disciplines can boast, which makes your participation is practically available in a wide variety of fields, which brings a new vision and expands its capabilities so that we can take advantage in the best way. One of these areas is…


This robot is capable of doing almost autonomously surgeries

Robot autonomously surgeries

We have already mentioned above, medicine is one of the disciplines that most takes advantage of technological advances and experiments with a wide range of developments, which gradually incorporates begin after several tests and when the components are more accessible. As we have seen, developments that seek to create autonomous machines are moving forward with good results, where the goal is that the machines are sufficiently independent to perform tasks…


GeoOrbital Wheel, wheel transform our traditional offering electric bike

GeoOrbital Wheel

It is certainly good news that the bike continue to expand in use in several cities and regions of the world, the benefits are many, both for the environment and health, so we see beginning to emerge increasingly focused projects promote use. Electric bikes have become the favorite to move to the cities resort, but its price has not yet allows all people can be a plus that most people…


Microsoft smartphones sales fell by 73% and no light at the end of the tunnel

Microsoft smartphones

Microsoft has filed financial results for the period ended March 31, i.e. the first quarter of 2016, where the company has fallen below expectations with numbers that follow with the downward trend of previous quarters. The Redmond Company is presenting revenues of 20,500 million dollars and a net profit of 3.800 billion, a decrease of 5.5% and 24% respectively against the same period last year, plus analysts expected a higher…


The next time we travel to Japan only need our footprint to shop

Travel to Japan

The biometric security system have been part of various devices for several years, but its use and applications of bulk is relatively new, which gradually continues to gain ground in more and more fields and functions. The most popular form of this technology is found in the fingerprint sensors, which are now becoming the star feature of smartphones (with reservations) and some other device such as computers, padlocks and even credit cards. But now the…