Changes of search engine

Google said that the algorithm of search engine changed more than 400 times in 2009. There is one change or more on average day, although most are minor changes. But it also illustrates the frequency of algorithm changes. Related technicians of Baidu mentioned in Baidu Club that Baidu algorithm minor changes a day, great changes a month.

Why do search engines frequently change?

1. The improvement of their own, which should account for most of changes and updates of algorithm, because search engines need to adapt to the pace of development of the Internet or improve their algorithms seo Company. Therefore, you need to add a new factor to the original order and remove the unnecessary factors.

 search engine

2. A part of changes is carried out for SEOSPAM. No matter at any time, there will be SEOSPAM, and it cannot be eliminated. So, after the analysis of samples the search engine will attack them with a general way of SEOSPAM to optimize the search results.
Search engines are always constantly changing and updating their algorithm, SEO is in a very passive position. But the core purpose of frequent updates of the algorithm is still to optimize the search results so that let search engine results be more relevant to enhance the satisfaction of Google SEO users. As for a site, the core purpose should be to provide the best products.
SEOERs are considered to optimize by trying to figure out search algorithms, but really there is no SEOER who understands the algorithm of the search engine and just optimizes a website by knowledge of the algorithm. In fact as a good SEOER, he should have a comprehensive understanding of the website and know where that advantage, disadvantage, and what issues may arise, etc. They shall know what kind of strategy used to improve SEO effect of the website. Search engine is always changing, while a SEOER constantly follows the change. The only way to avoid being subverted in change is to deepen the foundation of the website.

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