Creative Sound BlasterX H7, no need to pay a lot to have good gaming headphone

In the Gamescom last year, Creative announced its latest range of headphones gaming and the Sound Blaster X H7 became an object of desire for many of us. To the writer of these lines, I used to use a HyperX, your test in recent weeks has discovered the reason for such anticipation.

Comfort by flag and quality and possibilities explode under use in PC, the Creative Sound BlasterX H7 are postulated as one of the most recommended options on the market thanks to its value, and a great starting point for the future of the brand.

Presentation and experience

Under the plastic dome in which lie the Sound Blaster X H7 microphone are, the USB cable and the stereo jack, so after dismantle everything and set aside the instructions not to lengthen the wait, plug in the headphones via USB a PS4 with braided nylon cord and I am about to play his performance online ‘Overwatch’, the campaign ‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ and ambient sound and explosions of ‘Just Cause 3’.

Understand those wearing glasses and play with them on the requirement in the use of headphones in this situation is usually a rather complicated experience.

O pins or the need to adjust more firmly nailed, not to lose sound quality on the handset closed, just bugging her head because of the headband.

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In the case of the Sound Blaster X H7 to steel headband only you can reproaching the heat that eventually leads to prolonged sessions, but its flexibility achieved the perfect mix between comfort and support, adapting to the head and preventing it move even perform sudden movements. More than it recommended if, as a server, you are someone who is excited excess with a goal or when death comes to you in the back without hardly have smelled.

Something similar happens in the comfort offered by your ear, which by its padding and memory effect prevent the pavilion end up colliding with the interior of the transducer and, in turn, get an insulation more remarkable to prevent outside noise or loss quality to be a problem.

Although the wireless fashion seems more imposed in the area, I’m still a fan of plugs and prefer to hook up between cables have to deal with batteries and connectivity issues.

The cable length of these Creative , almost half a meter to the connector that allows us to adjust the volume, mute micro, control calls or turn off the headset, and another meter and additional means in the USB connection, allow me to put behind the shoulder and under the arm, which added to the rigidity of the wires and the light weight of its control center make this connectivity is not a problem once accommodated.

With all this, a few hours after use, only the summer heat becomes an impediment, at which I regret a little that the decision to Creative has not been to create a semi – open headphones, but I am surprised remembering that at any time I have had to readjust their helmets to another position for any discomfort or the usual problem of weight on the skull of certain diadems.

At that point, and accustomed to tinker with models like PLYR2 Skullcandy and heat that end up causing the X-Ray Turtle Beach paling at high volumes or G930 Logitech and its need to tinker consoles for outstanding performance.

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Countless possibilities gaming

After the acid test of comfort consoles plays catch with PC, trying to make the most of the options offered level via USB software with the basic configuration X Plus and countless options BlasterX Acoustic Engine Pro. While the former allows saving options if we get the headphones to another system, the second opens the door to the most comprehensive configuration.

Creative luxury allowed even offer demos sound options, instead of forcing us to jump from different games to film or music to see if we were right in the expected results. Easy and fast, which immediately allows us to continue checking options?

Aspects such as the color of the LED, changing stereo to surround or choosing different configurations depending on the game or means that we will use. In addition to changing among the 17 basic, some already predefined for the most famous games, a while with the Scout way online of ‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ and found that, as stated in their advertising, the tactical advantage by focusing the sound in the footsteps of the enemies is real.

Meanwhile the microphone with a flexible support and a pad anti-pop foam designed to prevent noise, has made the clarity of my voice in the talks during the game to win several integers, and far exceeds the quality offered by other helmets as wireless 2.0 PS4 officials with whom communication with friends is much less comfortable and full of unpleasant noises and blows air that sometimes incapacitating understanding.

Headphones for all

However, although the idea of gaming headphones are their hallmark and it works like a charm offering a good experience in detecting all kinds of sounds, we jumped medium to perform the usual test that I use when I try hooves.

First the Teardrop of Massive Attack to detect if your sizzle in the background is suitably mixed with the vocal ensemble and bass. Secondly the first minutes of Saving Private Ryan to test if sold as surround sound is really lived up to expectations.

In both cases the test turns out to be a joy and a delight for the ears, proving to be a very valid for any situation by being able to swallow any alternative you throw them headphones. Again, it is inevitable surprised by its value.

Even when we use through its USB sound card on consoles, these headphones offer amazing sound spectrum, dragging up sounds I had not heard in games like ‘Overwatch’ or ‘The Witcher 3’ and working equally well his sharp, avoiding metallic sounds, as in his grave, offering considerable punching power not just annoying when you increase the volume more than necessary, do pose a problem that other headphones in this price range as the Ear Force X Turtle Beach series.

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