Deals smartphones can enjoy virtual reality through Microsoft FlashBack

Virtual reality is now on everyone’s lips. Virtually all manufacturers want to have their piece of a pie that can still grow a lot and, despite being still poorly cooked, and begin to awaken a tremendous anticipation. The biggest problem now is that the VR hard requires a hardware too powerful and smooth does not go much beyond 360 videos.

Now Microsoft wants to continue adding attractive to Windows 10, for both desktop and mobile, and has launched the new FlashBack, a technology to bring virtual reality hardwares less demanding. This does not affect only the notebook segment but also to smartphones. There will be more terminals capable of playing virtual reality and compatible with Hololens.

Microsoft FlashBack

LG with its 360 VR LG, Samsung with Gear VR or solution ZTE also presented with the arrival of Axon 7. Also Android Android VR, the new native platform. Devices to enjoy the virtual reality of the different manufacturers require minimal hardware, for now, is reserved for the upper ranges of the market. Microsoft wants to change this with FlashBack.

According to Microsoft, FlashBack is able to bring high – quality virtual reality to cheaper, less powerful devices. But not only have that but its algorithm to achieve a performance eight times with a 97% lowered consumption and reducing latency to a value 15 times lower. All this, as we say, only an algorithm.

FlashBack compress the data required and stored in the VRAM GPU, in addition to the RAM or the SSD / eMMC drive. The effect will be similar to the pre-load a video, after which everything will run smoothly and with enough GPU responsible for decompressing the data as they are used.

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The difference between raw processing information and do when compressed is what, according to Microsoft, will make a difference in the hardware requirements for the device. A less effort to run applications of virtual reality, as many smartphones compatible with the new technology.

For now it’s just a beta

The part that Microsoft has shown FlashBack is just a beta and used to make a computer Pavilion Mini quite economical and glasses Oculus Rift, which are not so. As the advance development, hardware requirements go down and not much to run my virtual reality terminals underpowered.

As we see, Microsoft wants to continue adding value to Windows 10 and enter the virtual reality offering good quality with an economical purchase could make its ecosystem was more attractive. We’ll see how long it takes FlashBack get to see the light permanently and at what level the minimum power is set. Trust arrives least the 4XX series of Qualcomm.

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