Device as a Service, equilaterals your smartphone or your laptop instead of buying?

Until recently when one wanted to enjoy a computer, a smartphone or tablet had only one alternative: I buy it and then use it as long as possible and that the investment by the proper use of equipment will be depreciated.

That could change in the coming years because more and more manufacturers are transforming the traditional model to offer an option that may be attractive to certain types of users. As especially in the automotive world, you would not buy a car or a smartphone: it aquilegias for easy access to the new model as come out. Yes. With comfortable monthly installments would pay for all eternity Welcome to Device-as-a-Service (DaaS).

Subscriptions as the hardware industry hope

The idea has been applied to model software for some time: what to buy software licenses such as Office or Photoshop is no longer fashionable, so both Microsoft and Adobe and others offer a subscription model that lets you use your applications when and where the need and also ensures you’ll always be using the updated versions of those applications.

The idea has recently moved to the world of hardware, of course. Apple launched its iPhone Upgrade Program in September 2015, and a few months ago appeared an unofficial estimate of Gene Munster according to which in Cupertino have managed to sell 250,000 iPhones in this model: A 3-5% of the total sold since its inception. Samsung has been quick to announce a similar move recently with the Galaxy S7.

The figure may seem small, but significant and seems to show that there is a change in the trend toward customers who prefer to pay a monthly subscription to “forget about the problems,” the traditional model and can always access the latest versions of these hardware products.

Microsoft could benefit greatly

Microsoft has just announced the “Surface as a Service” with the idea of companies that can guide you to rent long – term convertible notebooks equipped with non – how also subscriptions to Office 365 and Windows 10.

The idea of Microsoft combines therefore hardware renting software products with its catalog, which for this company has special meaning now that its commitment is evident and hardware that can offer a competitive advantage over other manufacturers.

This program is actually a continuation of the program called Surface Membership, which allows end users to buy Surface devices by relatively restrained monthly payments. Now this initiative has been extended to the great -where company has even greater sense, but this trend will not only be featured in Microsoft or Apple, nor is not limited to mobile and convertibles.

From phones to printers: everything can make the leap to DaaS model

This sales model could be a real breath of fresh air for all hardware manufacturers: users are seeing as throwing away their devices soon after buying the emergence of new and powerful improved versions is not too justified but what if you pay just to always be the last, and does so in such monthly installments?

Things change, and as with renting one does not have that feeling of being “throwing money”. Or at least, you cannot have so strong, that is accessing the best of the best and enjoying the guarantee that if anything happens to your device always have access to new devices and appear to replace them.

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It also has its disadvantages, of course: the freedom that owning a device is complete. Theoretically, once you buy it is yours to do with that product whatever you want; although some manufacturers in certain areas not think the same (we’re looking at you, John Deere).

Renting limited options for users restive in technology: no tinkering and snoop on these devices “are not entirely theirs,” or at least the limitations exist depending on which manufacturer we touch. We have to also forget the resale of second -hand devices, which allowed to recover some of the investment to those watching their products even enjoying them for easy access to new models when they come good.

The DaaS model (or HAAS, Hardware as a Service, also valid) raises an interesting debate in the segment of hardware in general, especially because the hardware leasing does not apply only to mobile such as Apple or convertibles such as Microsoft: HP opened its own DaaS (service Device as a service ) with that guidance, and in him the idea is to rent desktop PCs and printers to your business users to offer an alternative to the purchase of equipment in the traditional way.

Do you think leasing model makes sense in segments such as PC or laptop? The truth is that we are increasingly accustomed to the monthly fees in other areas – ADSL, mobile, services streaming audio and video …- so the idea does not seem at all far – fetched. It may indeed be that the key to many manufacturers so that they guarantee their future. For more visit

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