Do you know how to choose the best processor for your tablet?

When we buy a computer, the CPU and the graphics are two components that we tend to pay special attention. Of them, it depends largely on computer performance and quality of the user experience the same and applications. Even in smartphones we show interest in the leading processor, but the tablets, it is unusual that we choose one model or another using as a criterion the processor.

It may seem that the CPU only matters when it comes to devices premium ranges, but in the middle range, choice of processor is also relevant in the face to choose the best tablet. And that choice depends on the manufacturer.

The balance, the key election

Mobile processors comprise processor cores CPU and, at the same time, the graphics processor, communications, image processor (ISP) or GPS receiver. All these elements have to be aligned so as to provide maximum performance and functionality from technology leading to a price according to the range at which they are targeted.

The choice of CPU cores, the graphics accelerator, communications and other components is key for manufacturers of these SoC (System on a Chip). It depends on the tablets using these processors have more or less autonomy, better or worse performance, or they can connect to GPS satellites or dual – band WiFi networks, operate the camera more or less slowly. Or you can play the latest games with decent graphics quality.

Choose the best processor
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Following trends

An essential part of choosing a processor is identifying technology trends of the moment, so that the integrated device that is able to make the best possible services and applications that have been adopted.

Support for new protocols, codecs or even operating systems is important if we want, our purchase will match the present and future needs.

Advances in technology are the result of advances in various fields. Without going any further, Android made the jump to 64-bit support, which has caused chipmakers have had to adopt compatible architectures, not only 32 but also 64 bits to use all its advantages.

In addition, in paragraph communications, it is important to make improvements so that devices can connect to more advanced networks, such as WiFi or Bluetooth dual band on their latest, optimized versions.

The image processor or ISP is another important element as photographic sensors are gaining in resolution and quality, and as applications demand greater agility processing.

In the multimedia section, video codecs are updated as new coding systems are discovered. In fact, if before online video content were encoded with H.264 mostly, now they are with H.265 or VP9. And for a tablet is able to decode video efficiently and quickly with this technology, the decoder must be integrated into the SoC itself.

So, remember that not always have to choose the processor with the highest performance. Sometimes it is more interesting to look for affordable proposals but without sacrificing functionality and honest performance, which MediaTek get this time with a quad-core SoC.

MediaTek, choosing ASUS for their tablets ZenPad 10 and ZenPad 8

Traditionally, ASUS has chosen Intel processors for its range of tablets ZenPad but MediaTek SoC best resolves the technological trends of the moment, especially after the launch last year of the MT8163 in two variants with different graphics accelerators.

The MT8163 SoC is a mid – range quad -core ARM Cortex A53 64 – bit 1.5 GHz in the most powerful version and 1.3 GHz in the most conservative. In the graphic features a Mali 450 Mali T720 MP4 or MP4 accelerator, that allows properly move screens up to 1,200 pixels or 1,920 x 1,366 x 768 respectively.

It is true that there are more powerful SoC, but in this case, the balance between performance and price is sought, while other sections, such as the autonomy to use nuclei with moderate energy consumption is improved.

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ISP integrates a solvent and communications Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi dual – band, with GPS receiver. In addition, hardware accelerated playback of H.265 codec content to 1,080p.

All these technological skills have made ASUS chose precisely this SoC MediaTek MT8163 for tablets ZenPad 10 and ZenPad 8 (Z300M and Z380M, where the letter M indicates that they are equipped with MediaTek processors to differentiate themfrom previous Intel used the letter C).

In ZenPad 10, 10 ” ‘screen, the version with accelerator Mali 450. ZenPad 8, it is used with 8’; the version with Mali T720 accelerator is used. The differences are not excessive, beyond the maximum set apart as energy consumption and heat dissipation.

The balance of performance, functionality and price

For less than 200 euros (in the ZenPad 10 16GB model) price, the choice of MediaTek SoC allows us to offer performance and functionality that meet the technological trends of the moment. It is true that, for example, ac WiFi technology would be better choice, but the final product incarcerate above its positioning.

In this sense, the model 10” as the 8” feature configurations with 2GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage, with a version of 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal space ZenPad 8 and a configuration of 2 GB and 32 GB for ZenPad 10.

The autonomy reaches up to 11 hours in the ZenPad 10 due to its higher capacity battery. A remarkable time of use thanks to the MT8163 processor and its good relationship between performance and consumption.

The integrated GPS is good news, especially if we consider that it does not have 3G or 4G modem communications. Thanks to him, we will have better location accuracy than models that only have access to locate geographically.

ASUS is constantly detecting trends and choosing the best technological solutions for maximum functionality in their devices, without losing sight of the necessary balance between all the variables involved in choosing a tablet. Intel Atom was an optimal solution at the time. Now it is MediaTek and evolved SoC for tablets.

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