Dos and don’ts of great website design

A well-designed website will help you to promote your brand, sell your products and services, and keep customers loyal; conversely, a bad website can cause your visitors to leave and possibly never return. What tricks do you need to your website designers to employ to ensure you have a website designed with all the things it needs to succeed?

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Website design dos

– Do think about the type of person who will be your most regular website visitor and choose the fonts and colours most accessible to this type of visitor. Smashing Magazine says that users are the number one factor to consider in its ten principles of good web design.

– Do remember that many people will be looking at your website on their mobile phone, so keep the text short and use a layout that is designed to be responsive to fit well on small screens.

– Do make sure your pages load quickly by keeping images to a reasonable size, keeping code clean, and removing unnecessary features.

– Do keep track of what your website is doing by installing some analytics software code so that you can count which pages get visitors, which buttons get clicked, and where you might need to try something different to get visitors to take the action you want them to.

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Website design don’ts

– Don’t use complex animated elements that need Flash or JavaScript to function if you only need a simple site. Many users won’t have the right plugins to benefit from these features.

– Don’t use sidebars. Users have begun to expect these spaces to contain advertising messages and have started to tune them out and ignore them.

– Don’t use more than three types of font, as lots of different fonts make a website look messy

– Don’t make pages too long, as too much scrolling puts users off. They prefer to see content broken up into shorter pages so that they can choose which they need to read for information that is relevant to them.

– Finally, don’t forget to work with the right web design partner to make a website that works well for your business.


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