Feasibility analysis of network marketing

Network marketing is a method of low-cost and high efficiency. Participate in the show compared to the traditional consumption of resources and manpower needs, the economy is indeed a relatively economical, but the feasibility of how it? What network marketing is making a number of factors must be considered before:

1. Feasibility of the implementation of foreign trade.
Not all products are suitable for foreign trade; export products must have a certain profit margin, so as to offset the freight, credit, taxation and other high costs.

2. Analysis of target market
By analyzing the target market for SEO, positioning key to open up the market to determine the use of those yellow pages, btob, devoted to those of the online advertising market, the main focus of the search engines Yahoo SEO Service and so on.

network marketing

3. Analysis of keywords
Analysis of keywords is very important, which directly impacts on the results of network marketing. We can determine a series of keywords through keyword analysis. Potential customers use these keywords to search for products and services we provide. We then analyze the keywords in major search engines on the competitive level and to identify potential customers for customers the keywords, and keywords to be optimized according to customers site and make appropriate adjustments.

4. Analysis of competitor.
It includes a comprehensive analysis of a competitors site and analysis of promotion strategies.

1) A comprehensive analysis of the site: website design of competitors, the number of competitors site pages indexed by search engines, competitors, partners, what sites link to a competitors site, which competitor sites link to; quantity and quality of links, etc.

2) Analysis of promote strategic including: which btobs do competitors carry out SEO promotion? How does the effect? Which Yellow Pages abroad to promote? Do you use other promotional strategies, such as email marketing, ppc advertising Bing SEO Service, etc.?

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