Fitbit leads the sale of wearables in the second quarter, Xiaomi pursues its affordable bracelets

The market for wearables makes more noise on the news that sales, and see that there are important companies stuck in the business. The reality is that is growing and leaders are being defined , but has not yet made any bomb, nothing to do with the takeoff of mobile phones with iPhone and Android, as some predicted.

We will have patience and let us know how the issue is, this is something we can do thanks to the work of consulting firms like Canalys and IDC, who gladly tell us about sales and market shares of wearables during the second quarter we live. The significant thing is to see Fitbit and Xiaomi as the best – selling, like last year.

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The market has grown especially with bracelets activity, rather than smart watches. We can quantify with 3.7 million devices sold that Fitbit, which is the leader in the accumulated of such gadgets in the quarter. As for all types of wearables, Fitbit recorded sales of 5.7 million, up from 4.5 million last year.

Affordable bracelets are sold with ease

Next in the list Xiaomi, well known for the same, have bracelets activity knockdown price, the last filed last June: Mi Band 2. In the case of the Chinese company, have 3 million units sold during the three months from April to June. It seems that the new My Band will determine more sales next quarter.

If we follow the list of companies which have concrete data, the third would be the company Garmin with 700,000 units. We do not have figures for Apple in the quarter, but we know that accumulated in 2016 carries 3 million. Nor data trace on Samsung or Jawbone, but should not be far from the numbers of the apple company.

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Much of the blame for the success of gadgets Fitbit is in the price, the average is close to $ 100, in any case none passes from $ 250. If we go to Xiaomi, the matter is even clearer as selling their bracelets for under $ 20: it is a purchase that can be done without too assess your need.

The market shares of wearables are spread over this year as Fitbit falls from 32.6% to 24.5%, according to IDC data. The following would Xiaomi that rises with 19% share, while Apple would be 7.5%.

Fitbit not want to lose its privileged position and during the presentation of their findings have reported that the Christmas season will be the most powerful who have never had, with more products. Last year launched three: Charge, Charge HR and Surge. This year, two: High and Blaze.

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