For the first time in history mobile video games outperform PC Gaming and consoles

It is no surprise that more and more people devote hours and money to have games on their smartphones, something that purists are not quite agree. But today it’s about writing numbers, numbers that are surprising the entire video game industry, showing enviable health as being the most profitable, and showing a promising future.

Today the market research firm Super data Research is published a study of income for the video game industry, which is growing at an impressive rate, plus it is incorporating new platforms and media, expanding its scope. The surprising part of it all is that within this industry first mobile video games have become the segment that produces more money, something that is taking everyone by surprise.

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Video games are already a $91 billion industry

Total and global figures in the world of video games is throwing 91000 million, this only in 2016, where the case of mobile gaming stands, which are placed at the top with revenues 40600 million, which means an increase of 18% compared to what was presented in 2015.

Secondly we find the PC Gaming with 35800 million, 6.7% more than the previous year, which for the first time placed behind mobile platforms, and in third place we have consoles with 6600 million. The remaining revenues are supplemented by video gaming platforms, such as Twitch, who are leaving income 4400 million, 34% more than in 2015. As eSports with 892 million segment is forecast to have a blast in the next two years.

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Here we must highlight the case of virtual reality (VR Gaming), which in its first year was below expectations, since only obtained 2,700 million dollars when it was expected to exceed 10,000 million. The above is mainly due to the lack of supply, which in addition to being expensive does not have attractive contents that make more users are interested in it. However, most analysts are predicting that by 2018 prices will fall and VR Gaming will be the most popular segment in the industry.

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Of course the most attractive part is within mobile platforms, which this year were benefited by games like Pokemon Go and Clash Royal, which has caused many studies are turning to this segment. Many companies have already realized that the money is on smartphones, where players are willing to spend on micro-transactions, therefore are increasingly investing more money in advertising campaigns, such as the case of Nintendo. As an outstanding example, Monster Strike has been the number one game in revenue, with 1300 million dollars, money that comes exclusively from in-app purchases, as the game is “free”.

2017 will be decisive for the mobile gaming market, this thanks to the presence of Nintendo and other companies want part of this juicy pie. So it will be interesting to see how the growth of eSports and Gaming VR, this without forgetting the PCs, who will receive new components for more power and trying to regain the throne within this industry.

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