Google wants to be more like Apple, and that is dangerous

The launch of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL marks a new era in the Mountain View company: one that Google becomes a company that is much closer to Apple when launching products and not only controls software but also hardware.

That, of course, is dangerous, especially because if Google has achieved that success with Android has been offering it to any manufacturer. The hardware bet is not particularly differential, and indeed the attitude of Google can only do antagonize its traditional partners. What’s more: the market really needed these phones?

Too many roosters in the barnyard

The fundamental advantage of the Pixel is already offered the (sadly defunct) Nexus family: with them shall be entitled to have the latest and newest Android. No more tangible benefits in these terminals. At least not in the hardware section.

It is true that they have the new Snapdragon 821, but other options we found comparable to any other terminal specifications of this range. Especially in camera, one of the arguments that Google has argued to boast of devices.

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These devices which have the highest score in DxOMark does not make them necessarily better than the rest -at the end there is very subjective details on this and be assessments, and how well the camera behaves differences with other high – end market possibly be minimal.

What differentiates Pixel? The design is unique but has been criticized for the use of the rear half glass, and it seems that neither in this section is nothing particularly noteworthy. If we add the fact others boast wireless charging, water resistance or dual camera, things get complicated.

All this makes us question the validity of the decision of Google, which wants to become the world Apple Android on prices and profit margins. You cannot make everything in that absolute control of the platform, and the problem is that to impose such control would not be Android Android. It would be something else.

Google partners should be concerned or not

When Microsoft bought Nokia, debate was similar: many manufacturers could suddenly lose interest in the platform to compete with devices of the house itself. What could offer them when Microsoft could use that software was responsible and who manufactured the best terminals Windows Phone?

The answer came quickly, but it intervene more factors. Microsoft’s mobile platform was gradually losing relevance, and not the expected arrival of Windows 10 managed to push those phones these devices. Tonto last, most of its partners said.

It is difficult that happens with Android, of course. Freedom has offered the platform has caused manufacturers to experience, and the funny thing is that most of them have learned -for the duras- that the best they can do for the user is to offer an experience at least “spicy” possible. Nothing layers of customization, no big changes to the operating system.

That has made today count with terminals that cannot only compete with new Pixel: outgrow in one or more facets. The Samsung Galaxy S7 can be found for less than 550 euros currently, and we have proposed as the OnePlus 3 or the ZTE Axon 7 for much less compete in performance and certainly allow us to save good money.

The only problem posed by all these alternatives is as we said it will take in order to access the new features offered by the Android version integrated into the new Pixel. Is that important?

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Google continues to differentiate in software and services, not hardware

In the event yesterday responsible for Google got us his assistant in the soup. Sundar Pichai opened speech speaking of the advantages of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The primary responsibility for the development of Google -at assistant maybe you should find a catchy name like Apple or Microsoft- have did the same at the end of the event, but is that in almost all products were references to the wizard.

The “Ok Google” was absolute protagonist of the event, and some on Twitter joked about how those words had caused a stir in the front rows of seats: whenever one of the conference participants used those words not only activated the wizard the device was showing: also activated the all Android – based terminals that were nearby.

Is Google assistant as differential to make their Pixel become selling terminals? We doubt very much, as well as the fact that the infinite storage offered by Google in these -more attractive and practical – or the inclusion of its new Allo and convince Duo terminal users.

The problem is that we have access to Google assistant in our terminals, and can also install Allo and Duo in them. Android is already “good enough” in its current version, so most users will not feel some concern about not having the latest version of the platform. That’s one of the great sentences Google: that good, nice and cheap it is Android 7.0 most users probably will not feel that their devices lose whole in that regard.

There are many arguments that call into question the future of this new way of Google. We already had “Premium” Android device manufacturers, and Google will join the offer does not pose a priori too many advantages for users which have at their disposal equal or more – attractive options for industry or which could for this new ambition to Google.

Unless Google achieves hardware differentiate into other options spoke not long ago that they themselves will design and manufacture their own chips, as does Apple- we fear that the way Google in this new area will fraught with obstacles and skepticism.

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