Headphones Panasonic RP-BTS50, betting on a different fastening system, but SUV

Although sometimes it may seem that in the world of audio is all invented in the world of sports headphones there is long way to go. The conditions of use vary considerably to be moving and sweating, so we need a headset that not they move, that are comfortable, that isolate properly the external sound but does not jeopardize our security and affording the best possible sound quality, among other features.

With the addition of Bluetooth headsets, we can free ourselves totally or partially cables. Panasonic has the sports RP-BTS50 Bluetooth headsets, headphones channel that attach to the ears and they have a good list of properties that make them very interesting for sports.

Panasonic RP BTS50 Headphone
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Sport earphones RP-BTS50 Bluetooth, Specifications

MAGNET TYPE neodymium
CABLE LENGTH (M) 0.1 / 0.3 m
WEIGHT 23 grams
CONTROL / MICROPHONE Included in the cable / headset
PRODUCTS INCLUDED USB cable for charging, cover, headset adapters (S, M and L)
BATTERY LIFE Up to 6 hours
CHARGING TIME (25DEC / 77F) 1.5h
DISTANCE OF USE Up to 10 meters
WATERPROOF Equivalent to IPX5

Focused design uses sports

Not much to say about the packaging of the RP-BTS50, unless it is possible to see them before purchasing without removing them from the packaging. This possibility is something that is always good and which in this case is essential, both for the price of them to get an idea of its use. Also in the box we receive instructions in a number of languages and a hard case to keep them where you will find olives two different sizes (in headphones come installed medium size).

The RP-BTS50 are light and seem well built. The two handsets are linked together by a flat cable in the center have a piece of plastic to make a “pigtail” with cable and avoid stethoscope effect, thereby achieving not banging on the wires and not to listen through our ears so amplified.

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Securing headphones and do not move or get out once placed it is achieved by plastic arches quite flexible but efficient.

Near the right earpiece, we find a control cable that has three buttons, buttons with which we can control all functions of the RP-BTS50. Also in the right a trial we have a cap to prevent the entry of sweat and facilitate cleaning and covering the microUSB input for charging the battery.

The headphones have two LEDs that can turn on and off according to the specifications and serve to enhance our visibility during sports overnight. Lighting is not terribly high, but there is such a possibility.

The Panasonic RP-BTS50 in action

Pair the headset cannot be easier. Just hold down the power button and headphone LED display starts flashing red and blue. Once done we are ready to adapt to our ears and see what pads are we better to get further isolation. In my case, I left the buffer pads, as is usually the size that use other headphones.

The first time I put on the RP-BTS50 I felt a little strange since I had never used a headset with this restraint. The two arches that go over the ears are quite effective in attaching them and paste them against our ears. With such a large driver that have are more glued to within our ear canal , so it is important to see what pads are best suited to our pinna.

The flat cable and adapter to pick turned out to be quite comfortable. In the tests carried out and if we leave it to the desired length we will avoid the stethoscope effect without sacrificing the convenience of hand controls, which remain between our neck and our right ear.

The headphones do not offer much volume, something that will be good or bad depending on how we want to isolate the outside during our training. Also consider if you opt for these Panasonic headphones is that the profile favors slightly to the mid frequencies, so you’ll want to compensate through the equalizer if possible in your player device. If we do have a much more compensated and good sound headphones.

All the features and benefits listed on these headphones are true. They do not move, they are comfortable, sound good and are ready for what they throw them. With the range of 6 hours at full load we have been able to corroborate headphones for several exercise sessions without loading them again.

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