Hololens opens, Microsoft speaks of the future with it’s mixed reality

In Microsoft they have followed a different manufacturer like HTC Oculus or road, and against those pure virtual reality devices in Microsoft seemed focused on a pure solution also augmented reality with its Hololens.

That philosophy changed significantly following the announcement today at Computex. Terry Myerson there has announced that the Windows platform will not be alone holographic centered Hololens: any developer or manufacturer must have the tools to implement software and hardware solutions that leverage.

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The mixed reality looks good in promotional videos…

Microsoft indeed for the future is the mixed reality in which they can combine with the Oculus Rift Hololens, the HTC Vive and what is to come. That mix of virtual and augmented reality will also enable businesses of all sizes can take advantage of Windows Holographic to work on solutions that leverage the best of both fields, something that Microsoft tried to show with a striking video:

In this video you can see how users of different platforms could work in the same environment of mixed reality, and a user of HTC Vive participating in a virtual meeting with two users Hololens, and even interact with a virtual assistant with artificial intelligence helping to solve problems.

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Microsoft’s intentions are clear: not want to sacrifice to work with manufacturers who have opted for virtual reality hardware solutions and this announcement opens the door to these collaborations. But all that is seen and experienced in Hololens, one thing is what the system looks in videos and quite another really give himself when available.

And it seems that it is still long. That’s when we can judge whether this strategy Microsoft is correct or we face a new setback as the company had with Kinect, one of the most promising devices of their time when they were launched, but never came to fruition as expected. For more reviews visit http://supersmartnet.com/

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