How popular is it that PIN number you use for everything?

Passwords remain the most widely used when authenticate devices and services in our system, and that makes you have to take special care when choosing them and use them. In addition, if you have to take special care, it is with PIN numbers.

PIN number
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Especially because these numbers so important to many of us do not usually offer a particularly awkward barrier for the curious. A study of a group of security analysts has been shown to guess your PIN may not be as difficult as would have imagined.

Really, you still using ‘1234’ as a password?

In DataGenetics they decided to precisely assess the frequency of certain PIN numbers against other when they are formed by four digits. The way to do this was simple: while we have been seeing databases with passwords leak all kinds of services on the Internet, so an analysis of those files would understand what the most common PIN numbers are.

PIN number
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After filtering these databases, easily accessible data on the Internet was left alone with only those passwords that consisted of 4 digits, and once with the data held various statistical analyzes to determine which were the most repeated passwords. The results were surprising.

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Not only for the fact that one in ten people use ‘1234’ as a PIN code, but by the fact that the first 20 combinations together had a market share of 26.83% of the total: testing these 20 combinations one had strong possibilities to access the service or product protected by the PIN.

The threat of PIN numbers

Among the combinations they were both expected and some curious. Among the most notable was the 2580 (ranked 22, look at a keypad of an ATM and you will understand why) but also other very popular as 0007 (ranked 23) of which probably James Bond would be proud.

PIN number
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However if there was a curious fact it is that when analyzing the cumulative frequency was something obvious: 19xx years were among the most used, so if those first 20 combinations do not work, maybe do the 100 years of the twentieth century. It was also interesting to see what PIN numbers were less frequent: the last of the list is the 8068, for example.

The conclusion is clear: beware the PIN you choose because that I guess it is not as difficult or involved so long as you might imagine. The idea is to avoid four-digit PIN number best -How, of course, and whenever you can, create a strong password as that you can generate this service to you we proposed some time ago and was based on a now famous comic strip xkcd.

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