How small businesses can tackle their online marketing challenges

Small businesses face a number of obstacles when it comes to developing effective marketing strategies, let alone actually following through with them. Here are a few ways that emerging firms can make the most of their marketing resources and reap the rewards.

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Embracing Social Media

Social media services are great places to engage with your target audience, generate more traffic for your website, and build a following. One of the biggest challenges for small businesses is knowing which platforms are worth focusing on and which ones can be ignored.

With more than 1.5 billion active users each month, Facebook is by far the largest of the lot and is also well attuned to the world of mobile. Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, has a smaller user base but generates excellent levels of engagement with posts thanks to its image-based underpinnings.

LinkedIn is for business users and can be well suited to firms that focus on B2B issues. Twitter is influential in terms of up-to-the-minute events, with posts offering flexibility in terms of the content they can include.

Social media has afforded businesses the luxury of not being solely reliant on search engines to gain traction in the digital space. By working with a Dublin SEO agency and digital marketing specialist like, it is possible for even the smallest firms to leverage the appropriate platforms to their advantage.

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Staying Fresh

While the web may present boundless opportunities for effective marketing, it is also a place at which the rate of change and the churn of content can be overwhelming, especially for small businesses.

As a result, staying on top of campaigns and keeping them fresh is somewhat of a challenge, especially if you want to stay afloat as the tsunami of millions of other posts pours out of every conceivable online outlet.

Sharing links via social media is sensible, and you can even increase engagement if you share the same link more than once over the course of the working week. Just make sure that everything is optimised not only for the audience you are attempting to attract, but also the platforms themselves.

The help of a digital agency might be useful, especially if you do not have a permanent team member who can take care of this.

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