How to get good rankings for content pages

It is not so simple for a content page to get a good ranking. A good ranking needs not only to be included, but also the weight of the page, the layout of keywords, density of keywords, relevance of articles, and the value of the content page which is the most important. A content of no value will not get a good ranking. Even if a good ranking of a page depends on the weight, when users clicks on this page and find no value, they will immediately turn off, then over time, search engines will automatically adjust the ranking of this article.

To get good rankings for content pages, you need to know the following characteristics:

good rankings for content pages

1. Layout of keywords (trying a reasonable distribution of keywords in the article)
2. Density of keywords (the density generally can lie in between 3% -5%)
3. The original value of the article
4. Inbound links (inbound related links)
5. Close connection between pages (pages are easy for spiders crawling)
6. Outbound links
7. Fine-tuning of the article (fine-tuning can make the snapshot update to improve weight)

Many workers of Yahoo SEO Service know these aspects but do not put them into actions. Details often are very important. Naturally the effect is clearly visible if you put every step into actions. Some workers of SEO only do a few steps, why not does it completely, that is the problem of details. A professional SEOER is not an excellent SEOER if he only considers the ranking of homepage and the traffic of homepage.

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