How to judge SEO of a site good or bad

We usually have to analyze rivals when making a website, then how to judge SEO of a site good or bad? We can see the quality of search engine optimization by a few conclusions as follows:

1. Are the keywords of your site closely related to the content?

2. Whether you use CSS to replace the image navigation of your site Bing SEO Services?

3. Whether images in your site have instruction of descriptive ALT attributes description? Whether keywords are beneficial to users?


4. Whether there is a text link of map description in your site?

5. Whether the dynamic URL is simple and changed into a format of static URL? Whether it has a deep catalog?

6. Is the site included in the open directory?

7. Whether to include the site into other reliable online directory?

8. Whether the Meta tags of all web pages have keywords, and whether the keywords overlap?

9. Whether the site has a custom error page?

10. Whether the site has a used sitemap or a sitemap of Google?

11. Whether the site has code separation, or has a large number of CSS properties and JS code?

12. What kind of the websites of friendly links? Whether the websites and yours are in the same industry or associated with yours?

13. Whether the site has a relevant software code of statistical analysis?

14. When does the snapshot of site after google seo?

15. Are the keywords you determined commonly used in search engine query?

16. Whether the title property of pages begins with keywords?

17. Whether the site reasonably uses the tags such as H1, H2, STRONG, etc?

18. Whether the site content is consistent from start to finish and whether there is a certain number of keywords? How is the distribution and density of the site?

19. Whether the text links including keywords lead users to your site?

20. Whether the Meta tags have KEYWORD, DESCRIPTION and related content?

You can analyze whether SEO of a website is good or not by the above 20 points which also reflect the optimization technique of a SEOer.

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