How to optimize description for SEO

Description Tag which is considered as crucial is always the focus of SEO. Therefore, most of the web pages have their particular Description tags in websites. The content of Description tags is called page summary for short, which can be an introduction of the subject of the page. Page summary will be included by most of the search engines to be regarded as a brief description showed in search results.

As for China SEO Company, to design a passage of page summary highly related to page subject for each page will not only increase the traffic of pages in search results, but also be helpful to improve the rankings of web pages. How to design the page summary? You should follow several criteria as below:

optimize description for SEO

1. Brief content and clear semantics;
2. Do not repeat the information of the title;
3. Page summary is not a simple repeat of keywords;
4. Each page shall have unique page summary. The content cannot be stereotyped;
5. The content of page summary and the meaning of the subject of web page should maintain consistency.


1. Procedure automatically generates page summary:
Most of websites design their content in the way of collection, and most of the CMS systems have developed the feature of procedure automatically generating page summary. For example, how many words does the procedure collect automatically from the body of the article as page summary? In fact, there is no need to do that for google seo.

2. Repeat of keywords:
What should be considered more is the user experience but not SEO when designing page summary. Constant repeat of keywords will be regarded as seo Services SPAM by search engines, so you should try to avoid constant repeat of keywords in page summary.

Why does Google concern much about page summary? Among many search engines, Google value page summary the most. Google hopes the page summary can represent the search results accurately and provide users with a clear subject of web page. This way can increase friendliness of the user experience.

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