HP Pavilion 24 and HP Pavilion 27: HP Dresses Up All-In-One with Extra Privacy Brooch

HP has long been struggling to make us forget those old grays with which we identified the traditional PCs of previous generations. Designs like those of the HP Slice and the HP Pavilion Wave proved it, and now that ambition returns with the renewal of the HP All-in-One family.

The new HP Pavilion 24 and HP Pavilion 27 have an elegant design that also has a distinctive note at the bottom of the screen, but that is just the most visible part of proposals that among other things try to take care of our privacy and to offer very decent benefits at reasonable a priori prices.

Thin and with a differential touch

To begin with these teams have the thinnest designs in family history. In one of the two available designs the screens have a thickness of 8.5 mm, although the stand that serves as support for these equipment also integrates that “box” hidden behind the screen.

In this box all the components of these HP All-in-One are enclosed. The other design, with an oval back in the style of the iMac, also has some very elegant lines.

HP Pavilion All-In-One
Image Source: Google Image

The second important detail of that design is that unique fabric that covers the Bang & Olufsen speakers located at the bottom of the screen.

The exterior appearance reminds us of the Alcantara fabric used in Surface Pro and Surface Laptop, and certainly gives these teams a differential finish compared to other developments of both their predecessors HP and its competitors.

A wink to privacy

The IPS touch screens of both models offer 1080p resolution – there are options to reach 4K screens as well -, and at the top of those screens we have so-called “privacy cameras”.

These webcams developed by HP that hide on the screen when we do not use them and are removed with a mechanism that reminiscent of the one we use when connecting Micro SD cards, pushing them in so that they are “hidden” behind the screen and pushing back towards inside when we want to take them out and use them.

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Not only will we deactivate the webcam when using this mechanism: we will also disable the microphone, which will allow us to feel calmer in the face of the threat of those RAT (Remote Administration Tool) with which some cyberattacks infect our equipment to spy on us without us noticing.

There is also a switch that allows to cover the webcam and disable the video if we have it deployed for greater security, which increases even more that protection of our privacy in this area.

Decent Potential

HP Pavilion All-In-One
Image Source: Google Image

HP had already used this peculiar mechanism in previous family computers, but it is also possible to request an infrared camera configuration in order to take advantage of the Windows Hello biometric system.

The hardware configuration allows AMD A12 or Intel Core i7 processors, as well as having the option to choose configurations with AMD Radeon 530 graphics cards to have a slightly higher graphics power.

The HP Pavilion 24 and 27 offer configurations with up to 16GB of memory and external connectivity that includes a 3-in-1 slot for storage cards, a USB-C port, two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, one RJ- 45, an HDMI output connector and, attention, an input so you can use these monitors connected to another source like our console or a Raspberry Pi, for example.

Storage options pass both traditional disk drives and solid state drives (with PCIe SSDs up to 256GB), and all these components demonstrate that without being gaming equipment or perfect for demanding tasks, we can rest assured that performance is concerned.

HP Pavilion 24 and HP Pavilion 27, price and availability

The new HP All-in-One will be available soon with prices starting at $ 749.99 for the model with the basic configuration.

As soon as we know more specific information on specifications, availability and prices, we will update this text to display such information conveniently.

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