iBackPack wants to transform into a walking WiFi and even a power supply

We have seen repeatedly that backpacks are no longer the child object we used only to carry things, because it can now be all a technological device loaded with features that provide added value to our daily tasks, all in search of desired productivity.

Today we will know the case of a funding campaign through Indiegogo, which seeks to bring to market an advanced backpack, equipped with everything you need to survive in this technology and full device world, as among among its benefits offer us be a hotspot WiFi mobile and a battery to charge our gadgets, and is known as the iBackPack.

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iBackPack, the real technological backpack

The iBackPack is the Swiss Army Knife backpacks because integrates everything from design waterproof with 30 compartments, including some secrets, lock RFID signals to prevent theft of information, to support standards TSA baggage for all certified lock.

The attractive part of this backpack comes with the addition of a MiFi device inside, so we’ll have WiFi connection for up to six device s, clear that here we need a SIM Card that gives us the connection with compatible mobile 3G or 4G; and two external batteries, one of 20000 and another 8000 mAh, which will help us to charge our devices at any time.

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We find four external waterproof USB ports, which in turn are connected to external batteries, and even has a Bluetooth speakerphone to connect your smartphone or other device to listen to music blaring.

Besides all this, it has compass, rotating clip for a GoPro camera, cable guides, holes to pass cables hidden, and a design that allows fully open for quick inspections at airports.

Note that those responsible mention that the backpack has an anti-theft system using GPS and alarm , which is activated via a compatible mobile application iOS and Android, however the GPS module is not included in the base configuration and must be purchased separately.

The price of the base configuration is 225 dollars and it can be added features that will increase their price, or remove the option of MiFi to its price down to $ 169. It should be mentioned that despite the campaign has already exceeded the target for funding, we are facing a campaign Indiegogo where it is promised that deliveries will be during the month of December this 2016, but since there is no guarantee that this will happen you should exercise caution.

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