Is this the new and highly anticipated drone GoPro ‘Karma’?

Since late 2015 we learned that GoPro was about to launch a drone that would expand its product range, would be called ‘Karma’ and would arrive during the first half of 2016, but perished there have been some delays in its development and it has been postponed to the end of the year.

All this has prompted rumors tell us about recording 360, 4K resolution, and of course a design that would help extreme athletes in capturing video from a new point of view. It has been nearly eight months since it was announced that the company is working on Karma, and so far we have no specifications or a picture of your appearance, however it seems that GoPro has already revealed the look of your drone without anyone his He would have noticed until now.

Image Source: Google Image

Come with the new Hero 5

The first clue comes within a video from the movie ‘The Secret Life of Pets’, here GoPro acquired a space for product placement for its cameras, in this case theHero4 Black, have an interest in the film, which now it has been discovered that the camera is not the only one appears, as during the second 24 of a promotional video shared by the same company, we will see a drone appears wearing a GoPro camera.

Of course, here we are talking about an animated movie and what we see on screen is not real, however the inclusion of GoPro allows you to add your products and brand, what seems to be a good opportunity to show a glimpse of what could be Karma.

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To this we add that a few days ago came a thread on Reddit that showed the image that opens this post, where it was confirmed that this would be the final appearance of Karma, but mysteriously disappeared this thread a few minutes; fortunately Konrad Iturbe made a capture image and shared it on Twitter.

This coincides with the video image of the animated film, plus Iturbe said that during the exchange of conversations on Reddit, was said that the image came from inquiring into the code GoPro website.

Rumors speak of Karma will cost approximately $ 2000, will record 4K video capture 360 degrees and be compatible with the Hero4 Black and the new HERO5, which would be announced while Karma.

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