Issues of dead links in optimization

what are dead links? Dead links mean those broken links. In terms of search engine optimization or user experience, the appearance of dead links shall be tried to stop. One job in Google Left Ranking is to check the dead links of a website and remove them. The reasons are as below:

1. Dead links will hurt search engine rankings
Suppose some one page of your websites has a good ranking in search engines before it has not become a dead link. However, China SEO Companyif the page becomes a dead link because of the lack of effective management of SEO project, the ranking of this page in search engines will immediately disappear in no more than one week.

Issues of dead links in optimization

2. Dead links will hurt user experience
Do not ignore the impact of dead links; you should know that the built-up of customer loyalty relies on accumulation. User experience is the cornerstone of the final development of a website.

3. Dead links will lose PR value
PR value is passed through links. There is no doubt that the site with broken links will cause the loss of PR value in internal site.
Suppose the structure and layout are very good in a site, but there are many dead links in it, this site will appear useless Yahoo SEO Services.

There are 2 points as below that you shall note to prevent dead links:
1. To improve the process of BUG;
2. To improve the awareness of site managers;

Treatment for dead links:
1. To design a friendly 404 page, even if a user clicks on a broken link, the page will jump to a 404 page.
2. Retrieval errors, to convert dead links to clickable effective links.

Dead links are not necessarily occurring in a fixed place, many pages of a site are likely to produce death links. As for how to find dead links, you can use webmaster tools of Google to find.

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