Logitech Brio First 4K and HDR Webcam

Okay, then the receiver has the system to be able to see it in the best conditions, but that Logitech continues to raise the level of the webcams is a good thing, since they will all follow the steps. Someone will wonder what you want a webcam with so much quality, or so exquisite in its specifications, because of pure evolution.

If the screens improve in resolution and color representation, and the connections allow us to work with a greater bandwidth, why not take advantage of it? The gadget in question is called Brio and it is that, an independent webcam that we can connect to our computers or compatible systems.

Logitech Brio
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It’s fair to think that webcams are not the main gadget for video conferencing, that’s why mobile phones and their front cameras, which gain quality day by day, and always carry them on. But there are professional environments where quality is needed, there are also demanding people who want to see the family in the best conditions, so here is the answer from Logitech, the first that puts HDR support on a webcam.

We must not forget that there are channels like Twitch or YouTube that allow us to broadcast live content to great quality, a tool like Logitech is also welcome, yes, we will have to pay 239 dollars for it. It is the top of the house and will have to wait to see how many competitors are second.

It is obviously capable of recording in 4K format and does so at 30 frames per second, but it is not an obligation: we can download a very interesting 1080p and 60 images per second (also at 30 fps). There is a lower mode 720p.

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The fact of supporting the standard of high dynamic range seems important in a cacharro of these characteristics, I explain: as we see in mobile cameras, the mission is to get the decompensated areas – bright, dark – look better, and that is complicated Do it with small sensors. The HDR technology can help with this and so does the camera hardware, will also improve color fidelity.

As for the digital zoom, we can say that it is five magnification, and as very useful functionality, we have the possibility to choose different viewing angles: 65, 78 and 90 degrees. Also note that the camera has an omnidirectional microphone and a flexible mount.

Logitech Brio
Image Source: Google Image

Better with Kaby Lake

What if our computer has Windows 10? Award, since Brio knows how to get along with the possibilities of authentication of the system of Microsoft – Hello – and will serve to recognize the face and access to the computer without more, without touching anything.

The connection is made to the computers via USB 3.0, and a computer with Kaby Lake is required to support the HEVC coding. Very hard requirements if you want to take advantage of its best features, which must be added that there are not too many video conferencing applications that take advantage of 4K.

For those who do not know, Logitech dominates the market with authority; its share is currently 73%. It is completely normal to set the pace of the evolutions, although it would also be well if it had something more of competition.

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