Make your PC is turned on faster with these simple tricks

Would you turn your PC faster? It is always possible to gain valuable seconds on each boot using optimization solutions as CCleaner or TuneUp, but in this case, we will focus on the options that incorporates Windows regard.

The most basic thing to make the PC do not waste time when you log has to do with two tricks present in Windows: the activation quick start and disabling applications that run on each boot the system.

 simple tricks
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Enables quick start in the Control Panel

One of the best ways to ensure that the PC is switched afternoon least activating the quick start. To do this in Windows 10, simply go into Control Panel \ Hardware and Sound \ Power Options \ System Settings (or failing that , you look into the search bar “power options” and enter “Choose the behavior button start / off “).

Once there, look for the last submenu of all displayed (“setting off”) and check the box “Enable Quick Start (recommended)“. Thus, Windows 10 will turn on faster than ever, as it is optimized for this purpose.

If you see that the system will not let you activate this box, you simply have to press before on “change settings currently not available” (located in this window at the beginning of all), so that you can unlock the changes.

It prevents certain programs are loaded at each boot

The other most effective way to speed up the start of your PC is disabling the burden of certain programs that run automatically (albeit in the background) to turn on the computer.

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To find out which behave in this way, simply enter the Task Manager (press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and selecting this menu) and click on the “tab Home“.

From there, you can see which applications are enabled by default and, most importantly, the impact they have on the start of your PC. We recommend, though, that only you know you disable those that are not essential. For example, the audio drivers is convenient to always loaded (unless you do not use speakers for nothing), while other programs in the background as Dropbox you may be more interesting disable them (so that only run when you really need).

As you can see, it is two simple tricks to speed up your PC, but above all effective.

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