Microsoft, to conquer the gesture control and its advances are promising

When Microsoft showed us how Kinect – now the great forgotten – it was possible to interact with the Xbox and even Windows through our gestures all think ‘Minority Report’. Had he reached the future that we painted our computers Spielberg ‘The answer, it was found a posteriori, was a resounding no.

That gesture control has been relegated to the background despite interest from other companies and manufacturers, but Microsoft not only have not given up, but have redoubled their efforts. Project Prague is the initiative that are trying to push this technology in its latest demonstrations has taken a quantum leap.

Virtual reality could exploit this development

Tracking accuracy achieved in the latest versions of software developed by Microsoft Research engineers in combination with special cameras, which are actually an evolution of Kinect-, is really promising.

These advances in gesture recognition will be presented at two events dedicated to this area this summer, and Microsoft aim to improve significantly the accuracy in tracking and doing well without the impact on energy consumption is significant.

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Jamie Sholton, one of the project leaders stated that “we are approaching a point where accuracy is such that users are beginning to have the feeling that the hand of your avatar is your real hand”. In the demonstration video shows how these advances allow interact with virtual objects and do it in a way surprisingly accurate.

It is not clear how it could integrate this technology into Windows, but which itself could make much sense is in HoloLens and especially in virtual reality solutions. Now that Microsoft has targeted this segment with its solutions “mixed reality” We can well imagine how this kind of development could serve to improve the quality of experience in these games and content.

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