Microsoft will skip a generation of HoloLens to stay one step ahead of the competition

We took a couple of years knowing HoloLens, not from the point of view of a consumer, but as a product originally designed for developers to learn to take advantage. HoloLens is a very special gadget, something that in principle should have been bigger than it is now, but we already intuit that this was going to be a long way, with many important updates along the way.

Seen this way it hurts to think that the development kit and the glasses cost about $3000, without too many practical applications that we can enjoy. In addition, we began to hear that there is little desire to get a product for the masses: if we listen to Thurrott, Microsoft would be thinking something like that for 2019.

We understand that a new HoloLens would be something smaller, with better battery and process capacity. But above all, a greater field of vision

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Why wait a couple of more years? It all points to Microsoft would be skipping a second version of the glasses that according to a hypothetical roadmap should fall between 2017 and 2018. That second iteration would exist, but would not reach anyone’s hands, it would be something like an internal evolution.

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All efforts would go to a third version of HoloLens, with major changes in technology, which could also assume a more general destination than the developers.

We are not going to mark it the times to Microsoft, more seeing that there is no real competition in their field, since what they propose is something different from the virtual reality, which is where else is running this year, with Facebook, Sony And HTC as major competitors. Something more similar could be Magic Leap, but neither seems to be ready very soon.

The successor to HoloLens we now know would come three years after a developer has been able to get technology in hand, plenty of time to be trained for the next step, but also too long without doing something really productive, and not everyone can allow yourself that.

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