Multilingual search engine optimization

With the development of the Internet, the status of English in the Internet becomes less important than before. At an early stage of development of Internet, English web pages account for more than 80%, but now it becomes less than 20%. The following table lists the most widely used Internet language and the language of Internet users use the number of (non-accurate statistical data, for reference): According to the professional services of the United States, 99% of the world now use their mother tongue users Log in various search engines to find information, rather than in Google SEO Services English.

Foreign trade website only in English is not enough, only to lose those potential customers who do not use English to search. Therefore, it is necessary for SMEs to design a multilingual website to do SEO according to the target market while they are in the construction of a good quality English website, so that the potential foreign customers will use the foreign language to search products information on your page, or enterprises can establish a target market of the language, including its comprehensive foreign trade website and search engine optimization. These are the multilingual search engine optimization.

Multilingual search engine optimization

Multilingual search engine optimization can make a variety of potential buyers of foreign language through the search engine to find you, to give you more access to foreign sites, improving your chances of obtaining orders. Languages listed above, not only in the source country to use its language, is also widely used in other countries and regions, a typical example is Spanish. Today, in Central and South America, except Brazil, the Spanish are widely used, is SEM Service the local language. In the U.S., 38 million of the population is ethnic Western language, but also the worlds richest ethnic language of the West, is a huge market cannot be ignored. If you want to do business with these people, promote your products to them, one for Spanish search engine optimized web site or the West language is essential. (Google language search engine of the West) is widely used in the Spanish-speaking countries, Spain, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia, the South American countrys most popular search engine. If you want to enter these markets to the West for the phrase search engine optimization is your site to carry out overseas marketing, access to Central and South American markets and the U.S. Hispanic market must be considered.

Use multi-language search engine optimization (SEO optimization) to achieve high conversion website. Each site is around the building to start marketing purposes; all the marketing activities have a goal: sales. Conversion rate is a potential customer on your site to perform required operations on the total percentage of all traffic (click, lead, marketing, etc.). This is not the same as traditional marketing an important indicator of access to data on the World Wide Web is very important for network marketing.

In the multilingual SEM Services optimization, the focus on the conversion rate is important to a variety of reasons. For example, many marketers tend to invest in culture because the cost of multivariate testing too much doubt. But if you adapt to a longer-term perspective, it is easy to see that multicultural search engine can provide a good return on investment (ROI). Your investment will be certainly worth it.

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