Huawei Q9, it is ready to compete in the league of the best smartphones

Huawei Q9

After the spectacular 2015 to first place in sales in China and the third worldwide in the first quarter of 2016 with a rise of almost 60% in sales in this period, Huawei looks set to climb further level in this 2016. The main argument of the Chinese company called Huawei P9, which includes many of the strategies that have enabled the company to achieve leadership in their home country…


The technological race in the car to keep the driver awake and focused

Auto technology

We all know that technological advances are often born with the aim of improving the lives of people and their environment, thanks to this technology has a versatility that few disciplines can boast, which makes your participation is practically available in a wide variety of fields, which brings a new vision and expands its capabilities so that we can take advantage in the best way. One of these areas is…


The next smartphones could lead not only flexible display, but also Holographic

Flexible display

Since 2011 we are hearing that the flexible screen are the future of smartphones and mobile devices, we have even seen the first devices that are a kind of demonstration of skills, since in reality not been found a real practical use to curved screens, while the promises of the benefits it will bring us a flexible screen mobile remains that, a promise. Despite this, there have been interesting projects…


This robot is capable of doing almost autonomously surgeries

Robot autonomously surgeries

We have already mentioned above, medicine is one of the disciplines that most takes advantage of technological advances and experiments with a wide range of developments, which gradually incorporates begin after several tests and when the components are more accessible. As we have seen, developments that seek to create autonomous machines are moving forward with good results, where the goal is that the machines are sufficiently independent to perform tasks…


What programming language or tools should be taught to children by age?

Programming language

Until recently it was customary that the programming was restricted to field more professional sector, but this has changed. Initiatives like have come to change the landscape. For here we have gone on more than one occasion the importance of programming. What programming languages or tools should be taught to children according to their age? The approach we will treat according to age ranges, corresponding to different stages of…


GeoOrbital Wheel, wheel transform our traditional offering electric bike

GeoOrbital Wheel

It is certainly good news that the bike continue to expand in use in several cities and regions of the world, the benefits are many, both for the environment and health, so we see beginning to emerge increasingly focused projects promote use. Electric bikes have become the favorite to move to the cities resort, but its price has not yet allows all people can be a plus that most people…


Claude Shannon’s story: The man who created the information

Claude Shannons

A few people owe as much as Claude Shannon. With 21 years he laid the foundation for electronic circuit design (with Boolean algebra works), with only 32 he created the theory of information and later developed some of the first artificial intelligences. Today marks one hundred years of his birth and did not want to miss the appointment with the person who taught us to think seriously about information technology.


Intel wants your next helmets are connected via a USB-C


We shouted fiercely when we learned that Apple was considering saying goodbye to the traditional mini jack for connecting headphones. That little slot 3.5 mm, the rumors said, was to be abandoned in the future iPhone 7 in favor of the Lightning connector. That announcement again makes plantations us that times change and technology makes them. And maybe the 3.5mm effectively have their days numbered, because Apple’s intentions have now…


So some authors cheat the system “pay per read page” Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited, unmetered service electronic books that Amazon introduced in 2014, has a rather “peculiar” way of remunerating authors of novels offered through it: pay for page read. As does Spotify, it establishes a “pot” every month, which is then distributed proportionally among the authors who have accumulated more pages read. So far so normal, but how Amazon accounted pages read? That’s where the problem seems to be is that,…


Shopping Online for Industrial Components for Your Machine Shop

foreign trade keywords

Finding the right parts that you need for your industrial work can be a challenge if the parts dealers in your area have limited inventories. You may find yourself waiting for days or weeks for parts that you need today. Rather than run into a proverbial brick wall during your parts shopping and selection, you may get a broader access to inventory when you shop online from a virtual manufacturing…