A Apple go from 16 to 64 GB on the iPhone costs $10, but you paid $100

iPhone 16 to 64 GB

The launch of the iPhone has generated quite a lot of headlines and debates, but if anything is clear is that there are several reasons why this new device Apple could succeed. The price is definitely the highlight, but there is a big problem with the strategy that follows this signature when offering its different variants. In fact, there is a constant which we discussed in the past: Apple offers a base model with 16 GB for $ 399 and…


How is LinkedIn perfect if you are looking for job?


If we ask someone we define LinkedIn, probably you say something like “LinkedIn is the social network to find work.” And although this statement is correct, many users just pass the surface of LinkedIn, and fail to discover the potential offered by this community as a tool to find work. We have already taken a number of tricks to highlight LinkedIn, but today we touch this issue by reviewing which…


How the ‘artificial empathy’ could change the relationship between brands and consumers?

Change the relationship between brands and consumers

Artificial intelligence will become one of the great allies brands will have in the future is one in which firms are working and which are already doing advanced experiments. The make machines are able to read better than ever for consumers and understand what they want and what they expect is one of the great obsessions in which firms work because they could afford to be much more efficient in…


CloudReady a Chromium OS born to revive your old computer


Have you ever thought how great it would turn your old computer into a Chromebook? Think about it, most manufacturers who choose to do with Chrome OS computers with a specification rather outdated little they could do with a complete operating system, but work great with that of Google. Would not it then possible to give a second life to your old companion use it? NeverWare is a company that is willing to make this possible…


BlackBerry, the story of a giant who may not know


Doldrums, this is how it goes now a company that, in the past, lived their golden years and contributed much more than we imagine to make the world what it is today technologically.30 years BlackBerry has been leading the way, and even sending a simple email from your mobile phone might have been impossible without Canadians. Only the winners are remembered, but in the world in which we live, all…


Make your PC is turned on faster with these simple tricks

simple tricks

Would you turn your PC faster? It is always possible to gain valuable seconds on each boot using optimization solutions as CCleaner or TuneUp, but in this case, we will focus on the options that incorporates Windows regard. The most basic thing to make the PC do not waste time when you log has to do with two tricks present in Windows: the activation quick start and disabling applications that run on each boot the system.


Is native advertising the next big victim of the adblockers?


One of the elements that are repeated when the boom adblockers and the fact that more and more consumers use them and more ads that block is that, at least not all the publicity has managed to be removed is analyzed these systems. Native advertising, which is integrated in the environment in which it is served in a fairly organic way, escaped censorship of these tools and achieved an unbeatable position…


Vivo Xplay 5 is the first phone with 6GB of RAM

Vivo Xplay 5

More or less known, Vivo is one of those Chinese companies that are growing significantly in Asia, mainly for having quite striking hardware devices, we would say that next generation. Once you have presented models, quite ahead of their time, as with the protagonist of our story, the Vivo Xplay 5. The company bears some relation to Oppo and OnePlus, but we will not go deeper into the matter, the most interesting is to know that…