Content marketing of SEO

Content marketing

It is self-evident that the content of a website plays an important role in marketing. Strategies for content marketing and SEO should be designed first to ensure that they can work together to enhance their own brand and products. Additionally, site content is also a good marketing strategy while SEO can let the role of site content be bigger and better.


How to optimize description for SEO

optimize description for SEO

Description Tag which is considered as crucial is always the focus of SEO. Therefore, most of the web pages have their particular Description tags in websites. The content of Description tags is called page summary for short, which can be an introduction of the subject of the page. Page summary will be included by most of the search engines to be regarded as a brief description showed in search results.


The process of SEO services

process of SEO services

The entire optimization process includes plans of website optimization and marketing thinking. We will sum up experience constantly and improve the process of SEO Services after completing each project. We aim to make the process more refined to get the highest ranking of search engine through our SEO services.


The effect of web page on SEO

effect of web page on SEO

It is rapidly expanding that the number of pages on the internet increases. Although some people doubt the sustainability of this increase, this trend will not decline in the foreseeable future. So, when faced with massive web pages, the search engine plays a very important role in how to measure to ensure the quality of web pages to provide the page of the highest accuracy to users.


Errors of a SEO company in optimization

Errors of a SEO company

1. Lack of appropriate strategies. Any successful companies depend on well-conceived business strategies; similarly, online businesses also require perfect marketing strategies accordingly. Search engine optimization allows websites be closer to potential customers on the internet. So you need to plan a program of thorough operating steps to help you achieve the initial sales targets. 2. Lack of continuity in search optimization The development of online business has become increasingly difficult…


Changes of search engine

search engine

Google said that the algorithm of search engine changed more than 400 times in 2009. There is one change or more on average day, although most are minor changes. But it also illustrates the frequency of algorithm changes. Related technicians of Baidu mentioned in Baidu Club that Baidu algorithm minor changes a day, great changes a month.


The importance of internal links of SEO

internal links of SEO

Good internal links of a website will bring abundant resources of links to the site, so internal links are very important for optimizing a website. But what effects do internal links have after all? The meaning of Google SEO is not just about rankings of keywords but more about the structure of a site, traffic of long tail keywords and design of user experience. But what roles can internal links…


How to get good rankings for content pages

good rankings for content pages

It is not so simple for a content page to get a good ranking. A good ranking needs not only to be included, but also the weight of the page, the layout of keywords, density of keywords, relevance of articles, and the value of the content page which is the most important. A content of no value will not get a good ranking. Even if a good ranking of a…