The Idea Factory, a brief history of Telecommunications

The Idea Factory

Today we take a few things for granted. For example, in technology companies there are R & D departments that research and develop products in a structured way. Or that telecommunications work, simply. And when we ask ourselves if there is any relationship between the two we can discover more than we think. The Bell Labs and the Great Age of American Innovation, in an entertaining and clear way, tells the story of the…


DJI Spark is DJI’s smallest drone not a toy

DJI Spark

DJI generated a lot of anticipation before presenting its new proposal. Once the interest in a product that stood out because of its small size grew significantly. Now, after having tried for a few days I have a clear and formed opinion about what the new DJI Spark offers and whether it is worth it or not. Before continuing it is important to know that it is not an off-road like the Phantom 4. Neither an option as…


Do not even think about buying a Core i9 for gaming equipment

Core i9

The announcement of the launch of the Intel Core i9 that came a few days ago put the interesting things in a battle in which megahertz gave way to cores. Suddenly we found micros that would reach 10 to 18 colors, something amazing. Amazing … but not for all areas. Intel’s response to AMD processors also focused on this parallelism is interesting in some scenarios, but the analysis that has appeared in several media makes…


Practical Accessories That Benefit Electrical Technicians

During electrical projects, many things in an environment can impact how effectively and efficiently a technician can complete key objectives. If you’re concerned about safety when you implement maintenance and repair procedures in residential and commercial locations, there are a few accessories that you may want to consider. Safety Harness In order to use directional coupler applications and other accessories successfully in risky locations, you’ll need a proper safety harness….


How is blockchain affecting cybersecurity?

You may not have heard of blockchain, but you almost certainly will over the coming months. It’s the technology that underpins the use of virtual currencies like Bitcoin, and it has been very successful in resisting cyber attacks. It’s therefore being eyed seriously by many companies looking to improve their cyber security. Image Credit How Blockchain Works Blockchain is a way of recording digital transactions – effectively a sort of…


Ofcom Report Reveals Generation Gap In Viewing Habits

The latest annual report from communications watchdog, Ofcom, has shown up some surprising results in the way people are viewing television, and the gap is clear cut between generations. Image Credit Older adults are continuing to tune in as a programme airs, though younger people are tending to watch using less ‘traditional’ methods such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. An episode of children’s TV ‘favourite,’ Blue Peter, hit the headlines…


Do I Need to Fully Redesign My Website or Just Re-optimise it?

Website redesigns and re-optimisation strategies individually both contain their own set of unique benefits, and understanding which option will deliver the most positive results for your business is essential for making the important choice between the two. Image Credit So, what exactly does each process entail? Redesign and re-optimisation aren’t wholly separate entities. A redesign should naturally positively benefit your conversion rate and often, at least a slight redesign will…


How small businesses can tackle their online marketing challenges

Small businesses face a number of obstacles when it comes to developing effective marketing strategies, let alone actually following through with them. Here are a few ways that emerging firms can make the most of their marketing resources and reap the rewards. Image Credit Embracing Social Media Social media services are great places to engage with your target audience, generate more traffic for your website, and build a following. One…