Ofcom Report Reveals Generation Gap In Viewing Habits

The latest annual report from communications watchdog, Ofcom, has shown up some surprising results in the way people are viewing television, and the gap is clear cut between generations. Image Credit Older adults are continuing to tune in as a programme airs, though younger people are tending to watch using less ‘traditional’ methods such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. An episode of children’s TV ‘favourite,’ Blue Peter, hit the headlines…


Do I Need to Fully Redesign My Website or Just Re-optimise it?

Website redesigns and re-optimisation strategies individually both contain their own set of unique benefits, and understanding which option will deliver the most positive results for your business is essential for making the important choice between the two. Image Credit So, what exactly does each process entail? Redesign and re-optimisation aren’t wholly separate entities. A redesign should naturally positively benefit your conversion rate and often, at least a slight redesign will…


How small businesses can tackle their online marketing challenges

Small businesses face a number of obstacles when it comes to developing effective marketing strategies, let alone actually following through with them. Here are a few ways that emerging firms can make the most of their marketing resources and reap the rewards. Image Credit Embracing Social Media Social media services are great places to engage with your target audience, generate more traffic for your website, and build a following. One…


Moto Z2 Play: Motorola’s premium mid-range improves on almost everything, less on autonomy

Moto Z2 Play

Motorola’s mid-range increased with the Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus earlier this year, but the company still has more bullets in the room and just shot one that has been talked about for some time. This is the Moto Z2 Play, the successor to the supergamamedia we met last year at IFA and this year comes sooner. As we saw last year, the Z Play series is responsible for bringing the concept of Moto Mods to the intermediate segment of…


How To Make Your Business Blossom


If you view business stagnation as a problem, now is the time to implement strategies that will help you overcome all roadblocks and plateaus. To make your business blossom now, implement the following strategies: 1. Provide Employees With The Resources They Need. One great way to ensure that your business blossoms is by providing employees with all of the resources they need to function effectively. Taking this step will prevent…


Turning your mobile into a laptop is possible: Mirabook and Superbook prove it!


Attempts to make your smartphone work like a desktop PC or laptop take time to market. Motorola Atrix tried him for years, and then came ambitious ideas, which Canonical had to leave – Microsoft with its Lumia 950 / XL and Samsung finally, that DEX raises a really promising alternative. These projects are not the only ones in search of convergence and that a mobile is much more than a mobile. In fact in recent months we have seen launches such…


What is Ransomware? How does it act? How to prevent it?


Surely, you have read the word ‘ransomware’, a type of malware that sows panic among those who suffer it and who has now become a little more famous after first affecting the operating system of Apple, OS X. This type of code is especially harmful for those who are affected by it because whoever infects us requests a rescue in order to be able to access the affected information again….


Desktop PCs and Laptops Gaming in 2017: Play in 4K and 144 Hz is the Challenge

Gaming in 2017

It is true that PCs and laptops have been selling for years and that even the gaming segment cannot stop the unstoppable growth of smartphone sales. That does not mean that we are facing the best era of desktop computers and laptops, something that is demonstrated especially with components that make playing in these teams is now more than ever a delight. These are the realities and trends of a…


What are teraflops and what exactly do they measure?


Sony and Microsoft are on the accelerator of the game consoles, and in this frantic battle to see who gets the most powerful there is a term that keeps repeating itself: the Teraflops. In fact, we could almost say that it has become a kind of new standard to measure the performance of consoles. That is why today we are going to try to explain to you what FLOPS are…


A Comprehensive Guide to Website Hosting


Even if it has only a single employee, a business still needs to have a website. A company that doesn’t have a website is leaving a huge market untapped and basically leaving considerable money on the table. Having an informative and attractive web presence is the key to drawing in potential customers and clients. This means setting up your website and choosing a website hosting service. Luckily, the entire process…