Five ways to generate disposable information to protect your identity on the Internet

Identity theft on the Internet is fashionable. As reported in StatisticBrain, there are between 12 and 15 million victims a year, with economic losses amounting to about 5000 dollars per person. Media such as MakeUseOf details different ways in which it can occur. We ourselves have talked about how the lack of security in data protection takes its toll. You can not control all potential threats 100%, but you are…


Why has not there been a sneak peek from the eBook to the paper book?

Thanks to Ray Bradbury, we discovered that the role of books burns at 451 degrees Fahrenheit. But it does not seem likely that today’s society will need a Montag that burns paper books for lack of use. According to the latest Survey of cultural habits and practices, which collects data from the period 2014-2015, 59% of the people reading population uses the paper format, while only 17.7% reads in digital….


The upcoming MacBook Pro will let us take 32GB of RAM and Intel’s Kaby Lake processors


It sounds like little after a CES 2017 has been packed with gaming laptops, where there was room for monster configurations, also quite balanced. The common denominator in the industry is to move to the seventh generation of Intel processors, and the new MacBook Pro should not be left out of the game. We are not going to discover anything with Apple, the Californian company has always been characterized by…


ZIP disks of iOmega, the vitamin diskettes that could store up to 750 MB and that failed

ZIP disks of iOmega

As far as non-standard proprietary formats are concerned, iOmega Zip disks, which appeared in the mid-1990s, came much further than most of their competitors. They managed to improve a format to which the public was accustomed (the diskettes of the whole life), just to gain notoriety. Years before pendrives were generalized as a removable medium, these remodeled floppy served perfectly to people who needed to share large amounts of data….


The next revolution of your smartphone is not the camera it is the screen

smartphone screen

The arguments to sell us “the next great smartphone” have been many and varied. The manufacturers have conquered us with their promises on smartphones with bigger diagonals, better cameras (dual or not), water resistances, fast and wireless loads, with spectacular and ultra-thin designs and, of course, with more powerful and versatile mobiles. Every year, this new revolution usually appears, which offers us the perfect excuse to change your mobile, and…


ASUS Zenfone 3 Zoom and Zenfone VR, mobile cameras become protagonists

ASUS Zenfone

ASUS wants its smartphones to become important in an otherwise competitive market, and even saturated will say some, where the options are reduced and it becomes necessary the much-mentioned innovation. ASUS seems to be clear, and this time has presented the renovation of its Zenfone range, where the most important feature are the cameras. Yes, in the plural. ASUS today introduced the new Zenfone 3 Zoom and Zenfone VR, both…


Laptops to play at a decent price? Nvidia GTX 1050 has the key and Dell lays the foundation stone

Laptops to play

There are teams specially designed to play, with space for the latest in graphics cards, and unfortunately for many, exaggerated and colorful designs. For them it is necessary to pay a pasture and to be clear that the priority is not in the weight or the autonomy, for that reason it is well to verify that they appear intermediate options that can satisfy much of the hearing. Dell already has…


The Intel NUCs catch up to become the ultimate mini-computer: Intel Optane, Kaby Lake and Thunderbolt 3

Intel NUC

They do not attract attention in the media as laptops “pro” or “all-in-one” design, but small teams of Intel are renewed every year, presenting a lot of technology in a minimum format. In this CES 2017, we are meeting new NUC that, as expected, premiered processors Kaby Lake of the house. The design has also been revamped to accommodate this seventh generation of Intel processors, can play with the new…


Laptops that weigh less than a kilo and last for 24 hours? Check out the new LG Gram

LG Gram

We do not pay the necessary attention to what makes LG with their laptops, possibly either because of their limited availability worldwide, but that does not mean they are no longer technologically wonderful and we want to teach here a little more about them. The Gram LG renew with better specifications and design, we took the opportunity to put you the long teeth. First of all we have to place…


AMD graphics cards are like good wine, the better the longer it takes

AMD graphics cards

It does not seem that an article about device drivers is especially exciting, but the truth is that these pieces of code are much more important than it seems. Updates for the components of our PCs help keep them “fit” and to correct errors, but can also be crucial for performance. That seems to be especially true for graphics card drivers, which NVIDIA and AMD engineers polish as weeks pass…