Ryzen 1800X vs i7-7700K: Ashes of Singularity optimized for performance testing

Of the performance of the new Ryzen processors, the most controversial of the first tests with Ryzen 7 has undoubtedly been the behavior with games. Especially at 1080p, the set of Ryzen 7 processors is somewhat below expectations compared to Intel, which shows that in IPC is still above AMD.

With DX12 and Vulkan the difference is cut enough. AMD promised to improve the results with game optimization and Ashes of The Singularity was the first to arrive. We have tested it to check and tell you how Ryzen 7 improves on game performance with this title if we face the king of Intel the i7-7700K.

performance testing
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Performance test with Ryzen games

We have had access to the previous beta of the last update of the game Ashes of the Singularity Escalation, which can already be downloaded from Steam. In it have worked Stardock, Oxide Games and AMD to be one of the first titles to be optimized to take advantage of news from Ryzen.

The test is done with our usual equipment: an ASUS with Core i7700k and a clone under AM4 with the Ryzen 7 1800X chip. In both cases the storage unit is a Samsung M.2 SSD with upgraded Windows 10, as well as Nvidia’s GTX 1080 graphics and 8GB DDR4 memory at 2667 Mhz.

The tests with Ashes of Singularity we passed with the included benchmark and Crazy mode, in the version without optimization as with the new update. In both cases, both before and after the update, the test is passed under DX12, because this game is precisely one of the best that makes use of it.

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Ryzen 1800X vs Core i7-7700k in game 1080p

The first test is configured with the 1080p screen resolution, which is where the Ryzen 7 1800X most suffer when compared to the high IPS that gets us the i7-7700k in the tests with games.

In the table we compare the performance in fps based on the internal benchmark of Ashes of Singularity, first with the two processors in the version without game without optimizing, and after the update (the tests are based on the previous beta to which it had access before its launch, but according to AMD is the same that is already available on Steam)

According to AMD, optimization can improve 1080p fps by up to 30% in High Preset mode. In our test, with the Crazy preset, the improvement is around 20%, matching the performance of the i7-7700K, which shows hardly any performance difference after the update.

We wanted to compare the performance of the Ryzen 1800X with the Core i7-7700K as the reference model of Intel for players. But we must not forget that they do not compete in the market nor at the level of cores nor much less of price, Core i7-7700k costs about 200 dollars less than the AMD model

performance testing
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Ryzen 1800X vs Core i7-7700k in game 1440p

We went on to compare the performance of the Core i7-7700K with the Ryzen 1800X when we raised the screen resolution to 1440p. We continue in the Crazy preset of the game and using the internal benchmark. The smallest difference between the two chips at this resolution is canceled after the update and even Ryzen 7 here gives us more performance.

We have seen, with this not very complex optimization, Ryzen 7 starts to be more competitive in the game section. But AMD has complicated to convince the market if everything ends up based, at least initially, on optimizing individual games. We will see the market response if Ryzen ends up getting a good market share.

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