Samsung will step on the accelerator with the production of OLED screens, preparing for the iPhone?

We ended last week talking big mobile manufacturers that are going to bet on the panels OLED for best mobile phones: names like Huawei and Xiaomi are among the information, with LG Display as the main supplier. Across sidewalk, we have a Korean Samsung dominating this scenario, factories and preparing for what is to come.

What it tells us Nikkei is that Koreans will spend 6,800 million dollars in improving the production of its panels OLED. This would get increase the number of panels by 50%, or what is the same, about 200 million mobile screens a year. It is estimated that Samsung will be able to create 300 million panels per year.

Why such a screen? For almost they cover mobile phones sold each year, but no, not for them, the idea is to sell panels to third parties. In all pools put Apple as the main customer of the new batch of screens AMOLED.

An iPhone would appear in 2017 would be the change of technology, and is rumored to 100 million would be just for him. There is even talk of size, placing the5.5 inches as the ideal place for Apple to jump to AMOLED.

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As we have already said other times, Samsung has a monopoly on OLED panels in small format – not teles, where LG commands -. Other names to consider for the next five years are JDI and LG Display, which does not want to stay out of the game, and we like more or less, OLED is the technology that will accompany us in our clunkers.

The AMOLED is one of the main features of the Galaxy family, also a differentiator from the competition. It also offers the possibility of playing with new designs on phones, thanks to its flexibility and thinness. Is It Right for Samsung transfer this benefit to others? Seems to be yes, if you pay well.

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